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The Mansion ()

  • 又名:
  • 国家/地区:
  • IMDB评分: N/A
  • 类型:
  • 上映日期: 2016-10-31
  • 导演: Tokodi Sandor
  • 编剧: Tokodi Sandor
  • 语言: Hungarian
  • 演员: Zoltán Mucsi , Zsolt Nagy , Esses Tamás , Szilasi Larion
  • 片长: 90 分钟
  • 奖项: N/A
  • 剧情简介: When a local neighborhood guard force receives a distress call from the mansion near the forest, they send out a unit to investigate. After hours of no response from them, the remaining unit head out to look for their colleagues. But after arriving the scene, they soon will realize there is something evil in the mansion.
  • IMDB:tt3761464
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