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Señora casada necesita marido () Loading订 阅

  • 国家/地区:
  • 类型: ,
  • 上映日期: 1935-02-12
  • 导演: James Tinling
  • 编剧: Eunice Chapin , Jenö Heltai , José López Rubio , Dudley Nichols
  • 语言: Spanish
  • 演员: Catalina Bárcena , Antonio Moreno , José Crespo , Valentín Parera
  • 片长: 72 分钟
  • 奖项: N/A
  • 又名: Married Woman Needs Husband , Married Lady Needs Husband (英国) , Married Lady Needs Husband (美国) , Señora casada necesita marido , Señora casada necesita marido (美国) , Married Lady Needs Husband , A Married Woman Needs a Husband
  • 剧情简介: In Budapest, attorney Tomás Karen and his wife Irma, who have been married for five years and fighting the last two, have a series of arguments at dinner which culminates when Irma demands a divorce. When Irma then changes her mind and threatens not to get a divorce unless Tomás finds her a new husband, Tomás, completely fed up, agrees. After she provokes his jealousy by showing a feigned interest in wealthy playboy and gambler Antoñito Orbok, Tomas demands a family council to settle their problem. Juana Blomberg, Irma's mother, suggests that she place an ad for a husband, but their lecherous Uncle Max answers it, not knowing that Irma placed the ad. To then prove to a mocking Tomás that she can attract men, Irma walks seductively down a busy street, but when a man does attempt to flirt with her, Tomás breaks it up. Exasperated, Irma decides to leave Budapest and gets on the next train without even knowing its destination. On the train Irma meets famous playwright Alejandro Koltai, who is traveling with English dance hall girl Betty Morgan, whom he is unsuccessfully trying to teach to act. After Alejandro invites Irma to join them in Zurich, she wires Tomás and says that she is a new woman, which causes him to leave immediately for Zurich. At their hotel, Alejandro has organized a grand benefit fete at which all the guests are taking part. Irma does an imitation of Mae West and provokes Tomás' jealousy by saying that she will marry Alejandro after the divorce. After Tomás, whom Irma introduces as her attorney, enlists Betty's help and gets Irma intensely jealous of Betty's supposed affection for him, Alejandro learns that Betty has left with a man for Monte Carlo, and he and Irma follow. Irma embarrassingly, but relievedly, finds Antoñito, who has followed Irma to Zurich, in Betty's bathroom, but Tomás, who has trailed his wife and Alejandro, accuses her of betraying him. When Irma demands that Alejandro marry her because of the scandal, he half-heartedly agrees to "sacrifice himself," and they board a train for Budapest. After Antoñito leaves Betty on the train to return to the roulette wheels of Monte Carlo, Alejandro quarrels with Irma, who is upset at his sudden lack of interest in her, and he is comforted by Betty. Irma finds Tomás outside her door and they reconcile. When Tomás suggests that they vow not to quarrel, Irma complains that she so loved to, so they agree to quarrel only every Thursday from three to five. They then sneak off the train hoping to avoid Alejandro, while he and Betty also sneak off hoping to avoid Irma. They meet rounding a corner of the station, the women congratulate each other, and after a laugh, the couples get into a horse-drawn coach together.
  • IMDB:tt0027038
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