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Brigadier Gerard () Loading订 阅

  • 国家/地区:
  • 类型: ,
  • 上映日期: 1916-04-10
  • 导演: Bert Haldane
  • 编剧: Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) , Rowland Talbot
  • 语言: None | English
  • 演员: Lewis Waller , Madge Titheradge , A.E. George , Blanche Forsythe , Austin Leigh , Frank Cochrane , Fernand Mailly
  • 片长: 50 分钟
  • 奖项: N/A
  • 又名: Brigadier Gerard , Brigadier Gérard (法国) , Brigadier Gerard (英国)
  • 剧情简介: Napoleon, realizing that he is tottering to a fall, and knowing Talleyrand and all Paris is against him, is anxious to secure certain papers he concealed some years previously in the Tuileries. A winged messenger is dispatched to the Countess de Rocquelaure requesting her, as one who knows where the papers are hidden, to obtain them. Meanwhile Captain Etienne Gerard succeeds in avoiding an Austrian ambuscade and arrives in camp with the remnant of his troops. Napoleon orders him and his men to attach themselves to the Hussars of Conflans. In the mess-room Gerard tells of his exploits. During his temporary absence, and believing him to be nothing more nor less than an idle braggart, the officer decides to score off him. Returning, Gerard recommences his story, but quickly sees that his listeners are scoffing at him. He resents this and draws his sword ready to take on all comers. Napoleon, requiring a trustworthy messenger to proceed to the countess for the papers, is mended to Captain Gerard. General Coulaincourt decides before entrusting him with the mission to test his loyalty. He enters the mess-room just as Gerard and Major Olivier are about to engage in combat. The general requests a word with Gerard in private. As a test of loyalty the general suggests that as Napoleon is near the end, Gerard should throw in his lot with Talleyrand. Gerard, who is one of Napoleon's most loyal followers, immediately draws his sword and would slay the general, but the plot is disclosed to him. Taken before Napoleon, he is given his instructions and proceeds forthwith on his journey to Paris. The countess has in the meantime been successful in securing the papers from the Tuileries, but her every movement has been watched by Talleyrand's spies, who report to their master what they have witnessed Talleyrand goes to the countess's house and, not being successful in securing the papers by diplomacy, orders his men to obtain them by force. They are successful in doing this, but before Talleyrand can leave the house Gerard arrives. Talleyrand and his followers conceal themselves in the hall. Gerard goes to the countess. Talleyrand arrives back home with the papers in the pocket of his cloak. He orders the return of the presents which have in the past been showered upon him by Napoleon. At this moment Gerard is announced. By means of a trap he is made a prisoner and placed in one of the presents going back to Napoleon, namely, a wardrobe. The countess decides to appeal to Talleyrand for the return of the papers and is ushered into the room where the captain is prisoner. She opens the wardrobe, discovers Gerard and releases him. Talleyrand is in turn made prisoner by Gerard and forced into Gerard's late place of captivity. Disguising himself in Talleyrand's cloak, in which the papers are, unknown to Gerard, still concealed, he and the countess are successful in making their escape. In removing the wardrobe Talleyrand's secretary, desiring to have a parting jeer at Gerard, opens the door and is astounded to find his master within. Being released, Talleyrand orders the pursuit of Gerard. At a roadside inn, where Gerard and the countess are resting, the pursuers come up with them, but Gerard outwits them and is successful in escaping. Before doing so he dispatches a message by the maid at the inn to Napoleon, telling him there is something in the wardrobe that will interest him. The wardrobe duly arrives and the anger of Napoleon, on opening it and finding it empty, knows no bounds. Gerard and the countess appear and Gerard places Talleyrand's cloak, which he is still carrying, on a chair. Napoleon vents his wrath on Gerard, and, notwithstanding the countess's pleading, orders him back to quarters. The countess and Gerard have fallen deeply in love and she goes to seek out Gerard. Gerard, sick at heart, is about to end his own life when the rally of Chamberon brings him back. The countess tells him she will make a final appeal to Napoleon and proceeds to see him. Gerard enters the mess-room and resumes the interrupted duel with Major Olivier. The countess pleads with all a woman's skill with Napoleon, but he is adamant and refuses to give away. Seating himself, he throws Talleyrand's cloak on the ground and in doing so the papers fall out of the pocket. In an instant his mood changes and he goes to find Gerard. Entering the mess-room, Napoleon congratulates Gerard on the success he has met with in his mission and creates him a brigadier.
  • IMDB:tt0006467
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