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Out of the Darkness () Loading订 阅

  • 国家/地区:
  • 类型:
  • 上映日期: 1915-09-09
  • 导演: George Melford
  • 编剧: Hector Turnbull
  • 语言: None | English
  • 演员: Charlotte Walker , Thomas Meighan , Marjorie Daw , Hal Clements , Tom Forman , Loyola O’Connor
  • 片长: 分钟
  • 奖项: N/A
  • 又名: Out of the Darkness , Vers la lumière (法国) , Out of the Darkness (美国)
  • 剧情简介: Helen Scott has been left the sole owner of the Scott Canneries by the death of her father, but being too busy with social duties Miss Scott leaves, the handling of the business of the industry to her hard-fisted uncle and only calls upon him when she needs money. Harvey Brooks, manager of the Tampa branch of the canneries, is a hard-working young man with new ideas of social welfare. He has hundreds of people in his employ working under most unfavorable conditions and for starvation wages. He has pleaded with Helen Scott and her uncle to better the working conditions but has always been ignored. During the height of the social season Helen, with a party of friends, goes to Palm Beach, Fla., for the yacht races. While sailing her sloop one foggy night it is run down and sunk by a large schooner, a fruit carrier for the Scott canneries. Helen is rescued from the sea by the captain of the schooner. The heiress is stunned by a blow on the head, received at the time her sloop was struck. When she recovers she is unable to remember her name or her identity. The schooner captain takes Helen to his home, and when she has recovered, his daughter, who works in the cannery, secures Helen a position beside her at the cutting table. Brooks, hearing of Helen's accident and loss of identity, takes an interest in her and she is attracted by his kind manner. Labor leaders are urging the cannery workers to strike and place the blame for the conditions upon young Brooks. One night Brooks is slugged and bound to a chair in his frame office building and the plant is set on fire by the excited workers. Helen rushes through the flames to his aid and as she unbinds him she is overcome by smoke and falls unconscious by his chair. Brooks carries her to safety through the burning buildings and returns her to the schooner captain's home. While they are both recovering from their burns a detective, employed by the uncle, locates Helen. The shock of the fire and the burns has slightly restored Helen's memory and the clever detective finally brings her to realize who she really is. Helen is in love with Brooks and he with her, believing that she is a poor factory girl. The heiress realizes that Brooks hates the real Helen Scott for her indifference to the workers. When he has recovered she meets him alone, tells him she is Helen Scott and breaks down his wall of hatred and together they go to help their coworkers.
  • IMDB:tt0005847
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