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Carmen: Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour () Loading订 阅

7.7 (12)
  • 国家/地区:
  • 类型:
  • 上映日期: 2011-07-31
  • 导演: Cameron Kirkpatrick
  • 编剧: Henri Meilhac , Ludovic Halévy , Prosper Mérimée
  • 语言: French
  • 演员: Rinat Shaham , Dymtro Popov , Andrew Jones , Nicole Car , Ariya Sawadivong
  • 片长: 142 分钟
  • 奖项: N/A
  • 又名: Carmen: Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour (澳大利亚) , Carmen: Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour , Opera Australia: Carmen on Sydney Harbour (英国) , Georges Bizet: Carmen (美国) , Georges Bizet: Carmen
  • 剧情简介: Carmen gets my vote as the quintessential French opera, yes even with the rather passive character of Micaela, it has some of the memorable tunes of any opera, a vivid titular character and a story that is emotionally compelling throughout. While not personal first choice(between the Grace Bumbry and Julia Migenes-Johnson films) this Opera Australia production is highly entertaining. It is not quite perfect, but it's often close to being. Some of the staging could have been more intimate, the ensembles are spot-on but a couple of the individual arias could have had more intimacy. And Don Jose has been more interesting in other productions, Popov's performance is fine and so is the staging but that the role is abbreviated and the spoken dialogue is cut makes Don Jose's hardening personality not come through as much as it could have done.This production however is visually stunning, it's bursting with colour and is one of the most glamorous Carmens there is without being overblown. The costumes, sets, lighting, all a feast for the eye. The staging makes the story compelling with some imaginative touches that makes the story fresh, and it always entertains and puts on quite a show without swamping the drama. This is especially true with Escamillo's entrance, his entrance should read of "I have arrived, look at me" and it is exactly that here. The final scene is appropriately intense. Wasn't entirely sure of the large cranes/military vehicles touch though, that didn't seem to add very much. The choreography is just as outstanding and with flamenco for example very authentically Spanish, one of the most imaginative Carmen stagings I've seen. The ensembles are electrifyingly done.Musically, there was nothing really that came across as weak. The orchestra get the style, rhythmic drive and flavour of Bizet's wonderful score just right and they play with an as usual beautiful sound. The chorus are vocally strong and dramatically lively, once again first rate. Brian Castles-Onion conducts incisively. The cast are uniformly great and the consistency here really is remarkable. Rinat Shaham is fantastic in the title role, her performance is loaded with sensuality and passion and she sings with much allure and fruitiness. Dmytro Popov is a very musical and gloriously sung Don Jose with a surprising amount of vocal flexibility, and he plays sympathetic and tormented very believably.Nicole Carr is very affecting as Micaela and doesn't make the mistake of making her too passive, she also has the most beautiful voice of the cast, especially in her heart-breaking rendition of Je Dis Que Rien M'Enpouvente. Andrew Jones's Escamillo is very charismatic and he has a handsome sturdy voice, making the Toreador Song more than just a baritone show-piece. In support, Adrian Tambourini as a confident and forthright Zuniga stood out. The production looks excellent on DVD, and the sound is mostly good if over-amplified in places. Overall, very entertaining, a visual stunner and with not a weak spot musically. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • IMDB:tt3794344
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