Nowadays the banking systems all over the world are considered to be the circulatory system of the world economy. That is why it is very important to investigate, explore and to get deep knowledge in all aspects of the banking system area in order to be prosperous in running international business and being up-to date participant of the global business world. That is why in our research we would like to explore the banking strategy and risk management of international portfolio investment. This aspect of participation in international business is very up-to date, because the functionality options of the global economy are not limited by the international lines. In order to achieve the highest revenue rates and to be legal participant of the international business, it is very important to get deep knowledge of the international banking system, to know the legislative background of that issue and also to outline the risk points and to calculate whether the operation on the international financial market, especially investment into the foreign economy development is profitable and rational investment.

In our research we would outline the basic information of my essay writing, concerning the international banking system, portfolio investment and risk management and we would give the general recommendations concerning international business effective running.