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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1915-09-05
  • Director: Carl M. Leviness
  • Writers: Vincent Charles
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Sydney Ayres , Doris Pawn , Richard Sterling , Frederick Titus , Doc Crane , Nanine Wright
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The Shot (United States of America)
  • Plot: Hal Garrett, a young mine superintendent, receives an invitation to the wedding of his elder brother, Hugh Garrett, who is to marry Agnes Norton, whom the brothers have known since childhood. The receipt of the invitation throws Hal into a fit of rage, and he surprises his assistant by announcing that he will leave for the east at once. The younger brother had left home suddenly, after a heated interview with Hugh, and he returns in the same manner, his homecoming being unannounced. At night Hal gains access to the old homestead, by means of a porch window, and surprises his brother in his dressing room, about to retire. Hugh is startled by the unexpected appearance of Hal, who berates his brother. Drawing a huge revolver, Hal hands it to Hugh, admonishing him to "Be a man and blow out your brains." Hugh reluctantly accepts the gun, glances at it a moment and quickly fires at Hal. The shot is heard by the old family valet, who hurries to investigate. He enters Hugh's room, to find his master and a stranger locked in each other's arms and struggling for the possession of the revolver, clasped in Hugh's hand. Before the old valet can interfere the gun is discharged and Hugh falls lifeless to the floor. Horror-stricken, the valet recognizes Hal, his favorite of the two boys. Alarmed and fearful for his young master's safety, he bids Hal to fly, placing the gun near Hugh's body, to suggest suicide. Hal reluctantly obeys. The household is alarmed, and the doctor and police are soon upon the scene. The valet's story is accepted, until the doctor points out that Hugh was shot in the back, an unusual proceeding for a suicide. To protect Hal, the valet confesses that he shot Hugh in retaliation for a blow. Next morning Hal learns of the old servant's loyalty, and surrenders. The aged mother of the two boys is overcome at the death of her eldest son and pleads with her friends to send for her boy Hal. Agnes prevents the mother from learning that Hal has confessed to the killing of his brother. The father of Agnes gets Hal to tell his story, which is as follows: During their childhood days, Agnes, Hugh and Hal were playmates. Hal is devoted to Agnes, but she favors Hugh, who is selfish. Years later Agnes promises to marry Hugh. Hal shields his brother's dissipations to Agnes. He later learns that his brother has an incurable disease and is advised by his physician never to marry. Because of his unsuccessful proposal to Agnes, Hal has decided to leave home and locate in the west. Before he goes he interviews Hugh on the disease and informs him that he will kill him before he allows him to marry Agnes. So the brothers part in anger, and do not meet again until the fateful night when Hal returns for the purpose of preventing the wedding. Agnes's father is shocked and surprised, and appreciates Hal's loyal devotion and sincere love for his daughter. While Hal has been telling his story, the Coroner, assisted by the Garretts' family physician, has held on autopsy on Hugh's body. They find that the pistol shot inflicted merely a superficial wound. Hugh's death actually resulted from heart disease. These facts are at once communicated to the Chief of Police, who announces the startling but welcome news just as Hal is about to be returned to his cell. Whether the great joy shown by Agnes is caused by the fact that she can now answer the pleadings of the bereaved mother to bring home her youngest son or for other reasons, is left for the audience to decide.
  • IMDB:tt0352840
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