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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1915-11-25
  • Director: William C. Dowlan
  • Writers: Leonora Ainsworth
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: William C. Dowlan , Gloria Fonda , Neil Hardin , B.T. Henderson , Mina Cunard , William Quinn
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The Mayor's Decision (United States of America)
  • Plot: John Stanhope, a young mayor, receives a letter from Bishop Melford, begging him to destroy Dragon Alley. John finds that these houses are owned by his best friend, Wallace Elton, who has that same day escorted the former's wife, Ruth, to a musicale which John has been too busy to attend. John finds the buildings have been condemned, and gives orders that they be raided and torn down that evening. Wallace and the political boss try to prevent the Mayor from carrying out his plans, but they are unsuccessful. Wallace and the boss then plan to resist an attack that night pending the gathering of political influence the next day to defeat the order. In the meantime, Lucette Revere is surprised by Jim Ogden, an old pal. A few years previous she and Jim had been caught stealing from the home of Wallace Elton. Wallace had Jim sent to the penitentiary, but as Lucette was pretty, he saved her from a like fate and established her as his mistress. Jim vowed vengeance, and upon his return he tells Lucette that he is going to kill Wallace. While talking, the doorbell rings. Jim hides, and Lucette admits Wallace. Wallace is tired of Lucette and says he is going to England the next day, alone. Wallace exits and Lucette finds Jim has sneaked out also. While at home, the Mayor receives notice of the contemplated attack on Dragon Alley. His wife, Ruth, is left alone again, and is piqued. When Wallace calls, he finds her in a receptive mood for his advances and prevails upon her to elope with him. Lucette has gone to Wallace's apartment and finds Wallace is not there. She hears the servant answer a 'phone call, however, in which Wallace asks his valet to bring his grip to the Stanhope home. Lucette also leaves for the Stanhope home. Jim has followed Wallace to the Stanhope home, and while Ruth is upstairs getting ready to leave, Jim sneaks in the dining room to investigate. A fight ensues, in which Jim is seriously wounded and Elton is killed. Ruth rushes downstairs and finds the dead body and picks up the revolver. John has returned home, hears the shots while unlocking the front door, rushes in, gets his revolver from the library table and enters the dining room with it in his hand. Husband and wife confront each other, and each one thinks the other has committed the murder. At this juncture Lucette enters, and also the political boss. He takes in the situation and sneeringly says to John, "I guess you'd better clean up at home before you start on Dragon Alley." Ruth steps forward, trying to shield her husband, and claims she murdered Elton. John tries to claim he did it, but the Boss opens the weapons and finds that only Ruth's revolver has been discharged. He then tries to get the Mayor to allow the prisoners taken that night to go free, and submit to his terms. Just then the police enter and say they have come for the body, as they picked up a wounded man who had in his possession Ruth's pocket book containing her card, and who told them that he had just killed a man. The Boss finds himself thoroughly outdone and departs, leaving Ruth and John together, with a more thorough understanding of each other's love.
  • IMDB:tt0325809
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