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The Faith Healer ()

  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1913-05-28
  • Director: O.A.C. Lund
  • Writers: O.A.C. Lund
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Jack W. Johnston , Guy Hedlund , Barbara Tennant , Clara Horton , Frederick Truesdell
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The Faith Healer , The Faith Healer (United States of America)
  • Plot: Robert and Louise marry and are very happy, but the finding of a Bible in their room at the hotel while on their honeymoon, develops the fact that Robert "does not believe." His wife expresses her regret at this, but it does not lessen her love. Two years later the panic catches Robert and be is suddenly ruined. His brave little wife offers to seek employment, but Robert is manly enough to go ahead as a laborer. Dissolute, careless Helmar is married to a sweet little woman who can abide him no longer. Becoming desperate she writes to a friend asking him to take her away, saying otherwise she will kill herself. Helmar surprises his wife writing this letter. She attempts to conceal the note, but he forces her to show it. Helmar offers his wife a revolver to carry out her threat, but her nerve fails. Picking it up, Helmar leaves the house, intent on suicide. He goes to the river when the thought comes of a better way to drop out of his wife's life. He leaves his coat and hat on the bank and buries himself in the army. Helmar's wife, believing him dead, welcomes the attentions of her friend. Helmar sees her in an automobile with him. Helmar exclaims "I wish to God I were blind, so I might never again see the face of a woman." A few weeks later in battle, Helmar is blinded by the explosion of a shell. This terrible visitation of the wrath of God makes of Helmar a strong believer and he devotes his life to the poor, opening a small mission, to heal the feeble and sickly by prayer. Meanwhile Robert and Louise have been struggling through the years, unable to regain their lost position. Then came sickness to their little Clara. On her way to the drug store to have a prescription filled, Louise slipped quietly into the little meeting house and stood for a moment until the gathering began to disperse, then, when the Faith turned toward her, she recognized Helmar, their former friend. Rushing forward, she made herself known to the blind man and then led him away to their little home, where her child was lying ill. Taking the beautiful little girl by the hand, Helmar prayed fervently and his message was heard. Clara regained her strength. One of Robert's former business competitors died and his will had bequeathed his entire fortune to Robert. Helmar now went to live with Robert and Louise and Clara. One joyous day, the unfortunate man regained his sight. When wealth came again to Robert and Louise they began a search for Helmar's wife. They found her repentant and unhappy. The day Helmar regained his sight, his wife was brought to the home and there was a happy reunion.
  • IMDB:tt0286616
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