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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1915-10-25
  • Director: Charles Bartlett
  • Writers: N/A
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Winifred Greenwood , Edward Coxen , George Field , Frank Thorne
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Out of the Ashes (United States of America) , Out of the Ashes
  • Plot: Dr. Thorne, a well-known surgeon, nearly causes the death of a patient while operating. Though no one knows the truth, this accident is due to the fact that Dr. Thorne had just returned from an all-night vigil following an extra hard day's work, when almost worn out he was called to perform a serious operation. Dr. Thorne takes a stiff drink to help him along; the drink takes effect on the already worn out nerves of Dr. Thorne and he almost faints during the operation. The matron noticing the odor of whiskey thinks he is drunk, and Dr. Thorne is disgraced. Thorne decides he will go West to try to forget. Arriving at a small mining camp, he accepts the position of bookkeeper for the "Silver Bell Mine." Here he meets Madge Turner, the wife of Joe, the foreman, a bully and a brutal character. Madge finds happiness with her baby. Jim, a fool, is a helper around the camp kitchen, and is devoted to Madge and her baby. Thorne and Madge are mutually attracted. Thorne also wins the friendship of Jim by giving the lad a little charm which Jim admires and later saves the fool from one of Joe's brutal attacks. Madge, the baby, Thorne and Jim spend many happy hours together, but Joe discovers this and forbids Madge to continue the friendship. The baby meets with an accident. Madge is told that only a specialist can save the child by an immediate operation. Madge gives Joe all her savings to at once secure the services of Dr. Dane, a clever surgeon, whom the camp doctor tells her is in the nearest town. Joe starts, hut passing the saloon, he accepts a pal's invitation to have a drink and forgets his errand. Thorne hears of the accident; he rushes to Madge and finds her nearly distracted at Joe's delay. Thorne looks at the baby and realizes the immediate need of an operation, tells Madge who he really is and promises he can operate and save her baby. Joe, half drunk, is told that Thorne is with his wife, and starts for home in a drunken rage. Jim, who has been told to mount guard, and not permit any noise, as the least disturbance may prove fatal, sees Joe coming. He remembers Madge's strict command, "No one must make a sound, Jim, I can trust you." He looks round, sees a large carving knife and rushes out at Joe, kills him in the struggle, thus preventing him from entering the house. The operation is successful. Jim does not realize in the least what he has done. Later the doctor, Madge and the baby are brought together.
  • IMDB:tt0855940
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