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  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1970-10-12
  • Director: Robert Vincent O’Neil
  • Writers: Richard Compton
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Tony Vorno , Joann Morgan , Victoria Bond , Ferell A. Garret
  • Runtime: 74 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Sins of the Daughter (United States of America) , Like Mother Like Daughter , Pornografie zonder masker (Netherlands the) , The Sins of the Mother (United States of America) , Like Mother Like Daughter (United States of America) , A Kind of Love (United States of America)
  • Plot: This is the first film of director Robert Vincent O'Neil made some years before he moved on to more, um, respectable fare like "Angel" and "Avenging Angel".The story is a familiar exploitation tale from that era with a female night club owner marrying a somewhat younger stud (Tony Vorno), spending a lot of money on him, only to have him cheat on her, and eventually move in on her sexually confused daughter. This is a highly pedestrian plot. The only things interesting about it are the offensive gay stereotypes (the woman's best friend is a camp drag queen), and the insinuation that quasi-incest between step-father and daughter is somehow preferable to lesbian fumblings (although, of course, they show PLENTY of these lesbian fumblings). Oh yeah, and there's also a couple gratuitous rape scenes thrown in where the woman ends up enjoying it. But given the melodramatic (if predictable)ending, it is pretty hard to draw ANY moral lessons here. Besides, I always enjoy the bold-faced political incorrectness, moral depravity, and moral hypocrisy of this cinematic era--not because I agree with it at all, but because NOBODY in America these days has the guts to make stuff like this, even though they are ONLY MOVIES. (I'm probably in a distinct minority there though).As a sex film or a mother-daughter fantasy thing, this is a complete wash-out. The actress playing the mother is age-appropriate for a change, but also completely unattractive (thank god, she mostly keeps her clothes on). The daughter (Vicky Todd) is only marginally attractive. I don't know how old the character is supposed to be, but Todd herself looks to be about thirty. The other actresses sometimes have nice bodies, but are not at all pretty(with the possible exception of the actress playing the daughter's blonde lesbian girlfriend). The movie doesn't even have much "metrosexual" appeal--Tony Vorno is by far the best actor in this, but he is a little paunchy and a rather unlikely stud. But even he is prettier than the hairy slob who plays the drag queen. This is not remotely sexy, but it's also not nearly as much "politically incorrect" fun as it could be. I'd recommend instead another film of that era, Lou Campa's "Sock It to Me, Baby", which is much more successful on both counts.
  • IMDB:tt0151338
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