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6.9 (42)
  • Country:
  • Genres: , , ,
  • Release: 2006-05-29
  • Director: N/A
  • Writers: Annette Gozon , Jun Lana
  • Language: Tagalog
  • Stars: Richard Gutierrez , January Isaac Bodlovic , Jeanie Espinoza , Cristine Reyes , Richard Gomez , Rufa Mae Quinto , Pinky Amador , Snooky Serna
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Captain Barbell (Philippines) , Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell (Philippines) , Captain Barbell
  • Plot: SMALLVILLE-INSPIRED It was very disappointing that the series was nevertheless inspired by "Smallville". The original Filipino superhero was already dubbed as a "Smallville copycat". Smallville is Marravelos. Clark Kent is Teng. Kit is Chloe. Leah is Lana. Bobby is Pete. The Villains are the Luthers. Krypton is Askobar. VERY DISAPPOINTING in the sense that they changed the entire story and history of Captain Barbell. I was wondering why do they have to do that when in fact, CB has already its original premise, original story, original characters and villains. I wonder how Mars Ravelo would react if he was still alive. FAKE-MUSCLES Another thing subject to criticism is the superhero's costume. It was hyped as being made by Miles Teves, a renowned Filipino-American costume maker in Hollywood. Teves is credited for the Batman, Spiderman, Robocop and Superman costumes. However, it is also disgusting. Richard Gutierrez has a very gorgeous hunky body and he would look more regal if he wears a body-hugging CB costume (like the original CBs did) His hyped "million-dollar" costume (according to press release) is disappointing. Who would love seeing CB battling with his foes with his fake muscles accentuated? Furthermore, the suit's yellow color irritates the audience.RICHARD AS BOTH TENG & CB In previous incarnations, Teng and CB are two characters. Teng is often played by a skinny comedian and CB by a hunky Filipino actor. Obviously, for publicity reasons, the tradition was not followed. In this case, Richard plays both Teng and CB.ON THE LIGHTER SIDE Despite all those issues and criticisms, CB has managed to soar high on Philippine TV by consistently topping the ratings. Setting aside the its Smallville plot, I myself enjoyed the run of the series. One thing commendable is the true-to-life acting of Camille Prats. This former-child star proved her acting prowess in the series. It can also be noted that Richard Gutierrez had improved his craft. This is his best performance as an actor as of the moment. Richard and Camille has undeniable chemistry as Teng and Kit and I was hoping that their characters would end up together. Newcomer Rhian Denise Ramos is promising. The supporting cast is powerhouse. The effects is awesome. The best super villain that made a cameo in the series for me is Aerobika, played by Rufa Mae Quinto. Her comic antics added excitement and humor to the show.
  • IMDB:tt0827545
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