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5.4 (12)
  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release:
  • Director: Richard Mailer
  • Writers: N/A
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Marlene Willoughby , Robert Kerman , Brenda Filbrick , Joey Silvera , Robin Byrd , Lisa Heyman , Bobby Astyr
  • Runtime: 53 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Way Down Deep , Way Down Deep (United States of America) , Wholly Mackerel (United States of America)
  • Plot: The '70s New York school of porn films has a group style that is readily identifiable, but unfortunately disposable. This anonymous movie WAY DOWN DEEP attributed to the "Industry Films" banner gives local talent a vehicle for goofing around, but it's pretty lousy. Similar cast appears in same company's movie THAT BURNING SENSATION, an equally sloppy production that is marginally funnier.R. Bolla, oddly billed as "Neil Ronds", plays crappy nightclub comic Bob Monday. This picture is so cheap we never get to see him perform, just see him in a cheap office set that doubles as dressing room. It's like those '30s & '40s ultra-B movies where nightclubs or other "out on the town" stagings are merely suggested by a stock footage montage of Times Square's neon lights and closeups of champagne glasses clinking or torsos dancing, only here we don't get anything.Idiotic plot hook has a young Mafia family girl Carmela Baddafella falling in love with Monday's comedy, so her Don daddy sends a stereotypical henchman to Monday's office informing him of the impending wedding date. It's an offer Monday can't refuse (cue "The Godfather" theme, played several times during this turkey).Bob's out is if he can find a substitute groom that Carmela digs. He gets several of his pals to try out several girls from his Little Black Book, hopefully one of which will be Carmela. This makes no sense, but the porn viewer is expected to accept any nonsense thrown at him.Pal Joey Silvera is hooked up with blonde Lisa Heyman, and the fans get a dose of anal sex for their money. Bolla's frequent teammate Bobby Astyr is matched with Cable Access TV icon Robin Byrd, who is quite appealing this time out -looking good and demonstrating a bubbly personality.Monday meanwhile gets it on with his plain Jane secretary Rose Greer (a 1-shot actress, if ever there was one). Monday finally figures out who Carmela really is, and sends Astyr to her, she being played by the wonderful Marlene Willoughby. The movie briefly comes to life when Willoughby, styled as a dominatrix, whips Astyr into submission before rewarding him with a blow job.Greer visits Carmela and tries to talk her out of the marriage by offering her "true delight", namely lesbian loving. As the gals assume the 69 position to a disco soundtrack, us fans get to admire Marlene's purple stockings and high heels. Quickie finale is dumb.I just can't get enthused by Bolla's stammering, lots of business ad lib attempts at comedy in film after porn film, and this is no exception. Of course he and Astyr dreamt of comedy success, but their frenzied antics are depressing rather than humorous. Many porn fans apply a sliding scale to evaluate what they see on screen, but to me bad overacting is simply bad overacting, whatever the showcase.
  • IMDB:tt0129571
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