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6.9 (98)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1979-12-01
  • Director: Chuck Vincent
  • Writers: Bill Slobodian
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Samantha Fox , Jack Wrangler , Merle Michaels , Eric Edwards , Vanessa del Rio , Roger Caine , Annie Sprinkle
  • Runtime: 74 min
  • Awards: 3 nominations
  • AKA: Jack 'n' Jill (United States of America) , Jack 'n Jill (United Kingdom) , Conviver, Gozar... e Não Só (Portugal, Portuguese Republic) , Jack+Jill , Jack's liderlige veninder (Denmark) , I Superporno Fallocrati (Italy) , Jack and Jill , Maitresses tres particulieres (France, French Republic) , Jack 'n Jill entdecken die Lust , Jack 'n' Jill: Part 1 (United States of America) , Jack+Jill (United States of America) , Kiimainen pari (Finland)
  • Plot: Jack (JACK WRANGLER) is alone at home, as wife Jill (SAMANTHA FOX) left him a note saying she had to go and pay a visit to her mother. He receives the visit of a bad mouthed prostitute - and some foreplay ensues of the s&m nature. After sex, Jill takes off her blonde wig - it was just an act to put salt and pepper in their marriage.They must leave in a hurry for a dinner out with another couple, the Campbells. They dine at the Majestic (Bronx, upper NYC), and by dessert the conversation moves from business to Jack and Jill' first anniversary of marriage, coming on 15th. Jill does not seem so happy with her marriage, Pete Campbell (ERICH EDWARDS) suggests they have dinner again on the 15th, to commemorate it. While the ladies go to the powder room, Pete says that after his three-year long marriage, things were getting a bit boring, but he had discovered swinging "no holds barred", with other couples, and suggests Jack should do the same.As they were preparing to go to bed, Jack receives a sexual phone call from a pair of brunette lesbians, First Caller (ANNIE SPRINKLE) and Second Caller (RIKKI O'NEAL). The novel "Fanny Hill" is mentioned, and apparently quoted. Afterwards, Jack tries watching a sex video with his wife, and passes Pete's suggestion of them swinging with another couple. She quickly accepts, to his surprise.Next evening at the Campbells, after some small talk, they have a drink, make a toast - and to break the uneasiness of the moment, Clare suggests they have a joint. Pete provides some. Jack suggests a poker game, Pete provides the pack, and instead of playing for money, Jack suggests strip poker - to Clare's delight. Jack loses twice in a row - and some time later, when nobody has any more pieces of clothing to lose - they must create a new rule. The loser has to do what the drawer of the high card prefers... That gives occasion to some kisses, and fondling, progressing to group sex.On the way home by cab, Jack and Jill discuss some variants for the next future, between a threesome, and voyeurism. Next evening, Jack sends a man to their apartment, pretending to be a phone company repair man, and Jill receives him in a red see-though negligee. She has sex with him, believing that her husband was hiding in the closet, listening and watching her sexual exertions - but she tells about it to Jack, he is amazed, because the man he had send her, would not be there before some time yet. Tony (RON HUDD) was a real phone repair man.Next morning at breakfast, Jack and Jill are exploring the sex ads in the newspapers, when he takes another sexual call from the Second Caller. Their next encounters, exploring the newspapers ads, are with a man disguised as Santa Claus, a Drag Queen (KURT MANN), with her deep v-neck dress showing plenty of "her" chest hair, and her pair, Matt (ADAM DE HAVEN), neither successful.Then come Roger (ROGER CAINE) and Rosetta (VANESSA DEL RIO), whose ad may have been misinterpreted by Jack and Jill: "We're real actors!" Roger proclaims, after they install some pieces of equipment to play the scene loosely based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Roger as Romeo, fondles Rosetta as Juliet's breasts, and soon strips for her to perform a blow-job, and then they have sex on the "stage." There's a clap of ends after their climax, but it's from their own sound tape playing, as Jack and Jill had passed from voyeurs into a deep sleep on the couch.Next day, Jack is abducted on the street in plain broad day light, but a thug, at knife's point. Jill arrives home and finds a huge box in the middle of the living room, wrapped in white paper and a red lasso, with a note: "Happy birthday. Love, Jack". While Jack is tied by pieces of rope to a staircase in a derelict building by the Thug and a partner, and left alone, Jill unwrapped her present, a well endowed Slave for the Evening (GEORGE PAYNE), well endowed and butt naked. She is surprised, and so is Jack, when the First Caller appears on the landing, wearing white lingerie, and next the Second Caller, in black lingerie - both wishing to have him serve them. Jack and Jill have sex with their unexpected partners - and then the mysterious phone callers reveal themselves as... Jill's anniversary present to Jack.Jack and Jill meet again with the Campbells at the Majestic for dinner, announce that they have experimented with swinging for a year, and surprise them - by announcing that they are so satisfied with each other, that they're going to... get married!
  • IMDB:tt0079356
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