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3.9 (43)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1974-10-04
  • Director: Walter Boos
  • Writers: August Rieger
  • Language: German
  • Stars: Alexandra Bogojevic , Elke Deuringer , Florian Endlicher , Helga Feddersen , Peter Hamm , Horst Hesslein , Gerda-Maria Jürgens
  • Runtime: 77 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Die Rache der Ostfriesen , De wraak der Oost-Friezen (Netherlands the) , Itäfriisiläisten kosto (Finland) , Ta koritsia tou Ostfriesen ekdikountai (Greece) , Die Rache der Ostfriesen
  • Plot: A spin-off of the Bavarian sex comedies: East Frisian sex comedy! There are two of which I know, Der Ostfriesen Report and this one. Both are not fantastic but reasonably comedies. The movie is about a Munich salesman, Alois Pfannstiel, who, together with two associates, Klaus and Tonino, is on a business tour in East Frisia (northern part of Germany, Emden, Aurich). They sell agricultural machineries to the local farmers and manage to sell them machines for harvesting while the farmers are all cattle farmers. So they are very persuasive or the farmers are incredibly dumb. Because there is a prejudice in Germany that East Frisians are slow, also in their mind, you can easily understand that this movie confirms all those prejudices ! They seduce three girls from a village to spend the night with them and Alois Pfannstiel has to promise to the young girl Elke Harms that he will marry her, otherwise she doesn't want to share his bed. Of course he is not planning to do so, he is a married man and his wife owns the business, so he escapes the following morning, together with his friends and they will never see those girls again (so they think). Unfortunately for them, they have mentioned their next stop, Hambourg, to the girls, so Elke's brother, who is very angry about all this, goes after them. He follows them to a Hambourg brothel and plays a trick on them: the landlady and he take away the clothes of the three men so they have to run naked through the streets after their visit. The clothes are sent back to them in a parcel, together with a picture of Elke with the words "In Love, Elke" on it. So Pfannstiel's wife has some very difficult questions for him! However, his associate Klaus has thought up a story: he tells Mrs Pfannstiel that Elke is Alois' illegitimate daughter before marriage. "Because Alois loves his wife so much and they themselves could not have children, he did not dare to tell it to her!" Mrs Pfannstiel is moved to tears and insists getting to know this unknown girl from East Frisia! Now the men have to persuade Elke to join the game and play the part of Pfannstiels daughter. That costs a lot of money because this East Frisian girl is not so dumb at all! But what about her parents Mr and Mrs Harms? Of course Elke's mother has to know Alois Pfannstiel really well if they want to stick to their story!! And Mrs Pfannstiel wants to meet Elke's "foster parents" too, so another big problem to solve! A really mixed-up comedy follows. Surprisingly: the actress Helga Feddersen in a role as "the actress". Many beautiful shots of the East Frisian landscape. And cows are important in this movie!
  • IMDB:tt0072059
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