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4.8 (53)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1971-11-25
  • Director: Eberhard Schröder
  • Writers: Manfred Purzer , Wolf Romberg
  • Language: German
  • Stars: Sascha Hehn , Astrid Kilian , Maria Raber , Hans Bergmann
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Cosa vogliono da noi queste ragazze? (Italy) , Schüler-Report - Junge, Junge, was die Mädchen alles von uns wollen! , Schüler-Report , Les Perverses (France, French Republic) , 番長ポルノ 女唇満開 (Japan) , Schüler-Report - Junge! Junge! Was die Mädchen alles von uns wollen! , Fresh, Young and Sexy (United States of America) , Schüler-Report , Fresh, Young and Sexy (United Kingdom) , Pikku Kallen naimapuuhat (Finland) , Educande fuori... femmine dentro (Italy) , Carottes mécaniques (Canada) , Les Carottes mécaniques (France, French Republic) , Schüler-Report - Junge! Junge! (Jamaica) , Ntropales mathitries (Greece)
  • Plot: A quick recap of the 20th century brings us to modern-day Germany, populated by hip young women who know what they want, and go after it. The stories of seven young men and their lusty female friends follow: Scene 1: Georg is a young soldier training in the mountainous frontier with his company. A group of schoolgirls are also on a nature hike, and inevitably they cross paths. Traudl (Felicitas Peters) and Susi (Alexandra Bogojevic) contrive to separate themselves from the others, and "embed" themselves with Georg and his buddies. Scene 2: Mucki's (Manuela Widman) brother Toni plays a practical joke on her when she's are trying to have sex with her boyfriend, so they carry out a painful reprisal on Toni and his girlfriend Bettina (Birgit Telzlaff) while they're similarly engaged. Scene 3: Gunther's mother Linda (Elisabeth Volkmann) gives his friend Helmut a hand with his Shakespeare... and then a hand getting out of his clothes. Their affair is eventually discovered by Helmut's mother, who confronts Linda... bringing their taboo relationship to an end. Scene 4: Hubert Hellwig is a skinny young lad whose older sister Carla (Sonja Spitzweg) likes to sunbathe topless when she's not balling her boyfriend Olaf. Their father Heinz has an unhealthy appetite for young flesh, and cruises the teenage clubs at night - until he's spotted by Hubert and Carla. Their friend Doris (Helene Sedlekova) agrees to help them put an end to his prowling. Scene 5: Hilde Struckmeier's (Kati Kierzle) father suspects she's sleeping with their neighbor's son, Mischa Kohsiek. The upshot is that their parents forbid them to see one another, and her paranoid father goes so far as to have her examined by a gynecologist, who verifies that she is a virgin. Ironically, while the parents are celebrating the good news, the kids are carrying out the act of which they'd been falsely accused. Scene 6: Peter Baumeister's boss upbraids him for buying condoms from the men's room dispenser. He had thought to use them with Anni (Monika Hagen), who has to show the naïve boy what to do. Scene 7. Max meets up with his girlfriend Bibi (Astrid Kilian) backstage at the theater for a quickie, but she's called away before they can get going - leaving him in the empty dressing room. But it isn't empty for long, as it's been assigned to Anna von Tauber (Maria Räber), the diva. She, of course, is delighted to find that she's been supplied with a strapping young man, and vigorously waltzes him around the mattress. Apparently the diva can't reach her peak performance without a good romp - as Max learns when he fails to deliver for her curtain call, having just finished with Bibi. So Anna calls in Karolus, the gaffer, to tune her pipes.
  • IMDB:tt0067718
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