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I cento cavalieri ()

6.3 (212)
  • Country: , ,
  • Genres: , ,
  • Release: 1964-12-30
  • Director: Vittorio Cottafavi
  • Writers: Vittorio Cottafavi , Giorgio Prosperi , José María Otero , Enrico Ribulsi
  • Language: Italian
  • Stars: Mark Damon , Antonella Lualdi , Rafael Alonso , Manuel Gallardo , Wolfgang Preiss , Hans Nielsen , Barbara Frey , Gastone Moschin , Giorgio Ubaldi , Salvatore Furnari
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: I cento cavalieri , I cento cavalieri (Italy) , Les cent cavaliers (France, French Republic) , Les fils du Cid (France, French Republic) , Los cien caballeros (Spain) , O sută de cavaleri (Romania) , Son of El Cid , 100 Horsemen , 100 Horsemen (Canada) , 100 Horsemen (United Kingdom) , O Filho de El Cid (Brazil) , O Filho de El Cid (Portugal, Portuguese Republic) , Die hundert Ritter , El Cid fia (Hungary) , El hijo del Cid (Mexico)
  • Plot: In medieval times, Spain is occupied by the conquering Moors of North Africa. Within this context, a peaceful Christian village's existence is shaken by the arrival of a Moorish army unit led by Sheik Abengalbon and his son Halaf. The unit occupies the local fortress. It sends out smaller groups of soldiers to collect taxes, grain and other tribute from the conquered Spanish villages and towns. Despite the servility shown by the Alcalde (mayor) of the village of this story, the locals and the peasants grumble and aren't so welcoming towards the invading Moors. Nevertheless, the Moors collect the grain of several villages and leave. On their way to the nearby Moorish-occupied fortress, the unit is ambushed by local brigands who kill the guards and steal the grain and other war booty from the dead Moors. Outraged by the news, Sheik Abengalbon and his son Halaf lead a punishing expedition. They take Spanish hostages and they later execute them in Arab fashion by using the 'water well torture'. The locals react by starting to organize a secret Spanish army in order to evict the Moors from Spanish soil. The volunteer Spanish force is comprised of local peasants, tradesmen, some nobles and even women and children. Children contribute to the effort by stealing weapons from the Moorish fortress and by smuggling necessities to the secret camp. Spanish priests bless the army and teach the soldiers war strategy from Julius Caesar's old books. The rebels are led by Spanish nobleman Don Gonzalo Herrera y Menéndez and his son Fernando. Also aiding the rebels is beautiful Sancha Ordonez whose father, the village mayor, was executed by the vengeful Moors. Unfortunately, the Moors have many spies among the locals, some of them Spanish men who offer their services to the Moors for payment. Aware of the existence of a rebel Spanish army being formed and trained at a secret camp, the Moorish commander decides to rally his troops and attack first. The outcome of the battle could decide whether the Spanish inhabitants will become free again or remain under the harsh Moorish rule.
  • IMDB:tt0059036
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