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5.7 (211)
  • Country: ,
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1967-05-12
  • Director: Lucio Fulci
  • Writers: Franco Castellano , Giuseppe Moccia , Vittorio Vighi , Tonino Guerra , José Gutiérrez Maesso
  • Language: Italian
  • Stars: Walter Chiari , Enrico Maria Salerno , Barbara Steele , Raimondo Vianello
  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Los mangantes (Spain) , Beautiful Eyes , Маньяки , The Maniacs (United States of America) , Um Amor Italiano (Portugal, Portuguese Republic) , I maniaci , I maniaci (Italy) , Amor a la italiana (Mexico) , Чудаки , Les maniaques (France, French Republic) , Os Maníacos (Brazil)
  • Plot: A series of comic sketches revolving around the "mania" in people's deepest personality. In "The Elaboration", a hearse driver has his favorite hearse made out to perfection for his "clients". In "Sport" a bossy office supervisor loses a sports bet to co-workers and is forced to pimp out his wife, while one colleague decides to take advantage of it. In "Overtaking" a man tries to outrun a set of lights on a highway late at night... not realizing that it's an airplane. In "The Hobby" two best friends, Barbara and Carla, team up to find where one's husband is going to every weekend and being secretive about it. In "Advice" a bickering couple out for a drive bicker about one's well being which leads to a traffic accident. In "The Protest", Pasquale and Mario are two men who cannot seem to pass up every attempt to protest against the government from 1943 to present day 1964. In "The Antique", a couple travels to a remote monastery to shop for antiques and seek which ones to buy or leave. In "The Swear Word" Ilario Boietti is a writer who seeks advice about work for his latest book by consulting with a brash has-been author, who advices Boietti to embrace his wild side. In "The Strip-Tease" a lonely Lothario ventures to strip clubs in search of his true carnal pleasures. In "The Interviews", Micozzi is a government spin doctor who spins his tails to avoid the questions of government corruption. In "Hitchhiking", the thoughts of a off-duty policeman and a Sicilian hitchhiker whom he picks up, are displayed in this collision of cultures tale. In "Bill of Exchange" two couples, the Brugrolis and the Bonfanls, seek to out-spend the other in a war of wealth. In the final hilarious tale, "The Weekend", two thieves, Franco and Ciccio, break into a mansion to rob it thinking that the owners are out of town, only to have the unfaithful wife with her soldier lover, and the unfaithful husband with his foreign mistress, arrive wanting to spend time alone, and all parties try to avoid direct contact with the other.
  • IMDB:tt0058325
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I maniaci Cast · · · ALL

Lucio Fulci
Lucio Fulci
Walter Chiari
The Sicilian Hitchhiker (segment "L'autostop") / Car Driver (segment "Il sorpasso") / Pasquale Taddei (segment "La protesta") / Client of Night-clubs (segment "Lo strip")
Enrico Maria Salerno
Castelli, the Successful Novelist (segment "la parolaccia")
Barbara Steele
Barbara (segment "l'hobby") / Brugnoli's Wife (segment "la cambiale")
Raimondo Vianello
Mr. Brugnoli (segment "la cambiale") / Giulio Errani, il commendatore mad about football (segment "Lo sport") / Paolo (segment "I consigli") / His Excellency Micozzi (segment "Le interviste")
Gaia Germani
Carla (segment "l'hobby")
Umberto D’Orsi
Ilario Baietti (segment "La parolaccia") / Friar Egisto (segment "Il pezzo unico") / The Milanese Businessman (segment "L'autostop")
Sandra Mondaini
Paolo's Wife (segment "i consigli")
Franco Fabrizi
L'impiegato insolente
Aroldo Tieri
Mr. Bonfanti (segment "La cambiale") / Mario (segment "La protesta")
Ingrid Schoeller
Mrs. Bonfanti (segment "La cambiale")
Lisa Gastoni
Gulio's wife (segment "lo sport")
Margaret Lee
Rosalie (segment "Il week-end")
Franco Franchi
Thief #1 (segment 'Il week-end)
Ciccio Ingrassia
Thief #2 (segment 'Il week-end)
Franca Valeri
The Wife (segment "il pezzo antico")
Vittorio Caprioli
The Husband (segment "il pezzo antico")
Isarco Ravaioli
Eros (segment 'Il week-end')
Alicia Brandet
Rosetta (segment "Il week-end")
Corrado Olmi
The Husband (segment "Il week-end")
Peri Han
Herself (segment "Lo strip")
Ignazio Leone
Migliardi (segment "Lo sport")
Loris Bazzocchi
The Car Mechanic (segment "lo sport")
Ugo Fangareggi
Antonio (segment "Il week-end")
Edy Biagetti
Biagetti, an Uninspired Novelist (segment "la parolaccia")
Silla Bettini
Undertaker (segment 'L'elaborazione)

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