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6.9 (1282)
  • Country:
  • Genres: , ,
  • Release: 1953-01-02
  • Director: Melvin Frank , Norman Panama
  • Writers: Beirne Lay Jr.
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Robert Taylor , Eleanor Parker , James Whitmore , Larry Keating
  • Runtime: 122 min
  • Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. 1 win & 4 nominations total
  • AKA: Le grand secret (Belgium) , Se mystiki apostoli (Greece) , The Story of Col. Paul Tibbets (United States of America) , Vingarna (Sweden) , Above and Beyond (United Kingdom) , 決戦攻撃命令 (Japan) , Honra e Segredo (Portugal, Portuguese Republic) , Deasupra şi dincolo (Romania) , Above and Beyond (Canada) , Mukaddes Vazife (Turkey) , Above and Beyond , Сначала и потом , Above and Beyond (United States of America) , Le grand secret (France, French Republic) , Seu Nome e Sua Honra (Brazil) , Ataque secreto (Mexico) , Die letzte Entscheidung (Austria) , Il prezzo del dovere (Italy) , Det frygtelige ansvar (Denmark) , I angst og spenning (Norway) , El gran secreto (Spain) , Ataque secreto (Venezuela) , Eagle on His Cap (United States of America) , Hopeasiivet (Finland) , Die letzte Entscheidung , The Story of Colonel Tibbets (United States of America) , Le grand secret (Canada) , El honor de su nombre (Argentina)
  • Plot: 1943. In viewing an act of subordination, Maj. Gen. Vernon C. Brent of the US Air Force decides to take a chance in appointing Lt. Col. Paul Tibbets, the said insubordinate, to lead the testing of a new long range bomber, Boeing's B-29, for use in military service, as the plane operates like a dream in ideal conditions, but is known to be a deathtrap in extreme conditions often faced by the military. The General has a long term plan about which he does not inform Paul at this stage, but which is designed as a preemptive measure designed to end the war, the Allieds who seem to be losing: drop an atomic bomb, which is being developed in a top secret mission called the Manhattan Project, on a major Japanese city. While the testing of the bomber is a dangerous mission in and of itself, each progressive step along the way to the end goal becomes increasingly dangerous and difficult. When the team, including the Manhattan project researchers, come together at Wendover Air Force base in Utah to do the final testing with Paul the commanding officer, security will be paramount, where only a handful of people know the full story, all others will only know their small part of the entire plan, and when questioned one is supposed to answer evasively in not saying anything. As such, Paul has a zero tolerance policy for anyone breaking this protocol. Who are seen as the biggest security risks in total secrecy are the wives, who may talk out of turn at the proverbial hairdressers if they know too much. Although used to secrecy, Paul's wife, Lucey Tibbets, may not be able to withstand what Paul has turned into all in the name of national security in she not knowing what's going on. Also placing the mission at risk is Paul himself, who admits solely to himself that he is scared in wondering if the lives of innocent Japanese justifies the end of a better world if the mission is successful.
  • IMDB:tt0044324
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