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  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1948-09-01
  • Director: Yakima Canutt
  • Writers: Franklin Adreon , Sol Shor
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Lynne Roberts , Russell Hayden , Gordon Jones , Grant Withers , George Chandler
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Mysteriet i Hollywood (Denmark) , Sons of Adventure , Sons of Adventure (United States of America) , Amigos de Aventura (Brazil)
  • Plot: After Andy Baldwin is discharged from the service, he locates his pal and fellow veteran, Steve Malone, who is now working in Hollywood as a stunt man. Steve then arranges for executive producer J. L. Sterling to hire Andy as a stunt man despite his inexperience. As they rest between stunts, Steve and Andy reminisce about their time in the South Pacific and recall the day when Steve was shot by advancing Japanese troops, and Andy saved him despite being injured himself. Later, as the director, Leslie Bennett, prepares a shot, Steve mentions that he has become engaged to his sweetheart, Jean Taylor. Meanwhile, in his dressing room, star Paul Kenyon reads a threatening letter from a man named Peter Winslow, who demands that he stay away from Winslow's sweetheart, Laura Gifford. Just then Laura arrives for their clandestine meeting. On the set, production is held up while assistant director Billy Wilkes is sent to call Kenyon from his dressing room. After Kenyon moodily takes his place, he rips his shirt, then Steve, who has been doubling for Kenyon for the scene, must exchange shirts for the close-up. The cameras roll and Andy shoots Kenyon with a gun that is supposed to contain blanks, but when Kenyon is hit with real bullets, Andy is charged with murder. Later, Steve discovers the letter in Kenyon's pocket and they begin to suspect that Andy has been framed. After Bennett finds someone to replace Kenyon, the production continues on schedule. When Steve performs a difficult stunt in which he jumps aboard a coach racing out of control and stops it, he discovers that the horses' reins have been cut. Although Steve is unhurt, he and Andy now fear for their own lives, and they decide to pretend that they believe the reins were cut by accident. After lunch, however, Steve and Andy visit the studio's production office and examine crew sheets for all of the scenes in which accidents occurred. They narrow the investigation down to several suspects, including Billy. Later, Steve and Andy question Billy, but he convinces them of his innocence. Next, they question Winslow, but he also denies any involvement. Back at the studio lot, Steve and Andy set a trap for the suspect, leaving threatening notes for Steve and signing them "Mr. X." That evening at the cast party, Steve receives a message that Sterling wants to see him at the studio gate. Outside, someone throws a knife at Steve and attempts to escape by climbing up a tall scaffolding. Steve follows him to the top, where Billy is revealed as the murderer. Billy explains that he killed Kenyon to avenge his sister, who had committed suicide after being jilted by Kenyon. After he confesses his guilt, Billy falls from the scaffolding to his death. Sometime later, Sterling promotes Steve to director.
  • IMDB:tt0040822
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