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6.4 (354)
  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1948-02-20
  • Director: George Sherman
  • Writers: Kenneth Perkins , Winston Miller
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Robert Young , Marguerite Chapman , Willard Parker , Akim Tamiroff
  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Noite de Tempestade (Portugal, Portuguese Republic) , Relentless (Australia) , Sangre en la sierra (Spain) , Relentless (Canada) , Noche de tempestad (Mexico) , Duel i ørkenen (Denmark) , Relentless , Noite de Tempestade (Brazil) , Blut und Gold , Relentless (United States of America) , Du sang sur la sierra (Canada) , I Madona tis erimou (Greece) , Blut und Gold (Austria) , Duell i öknen (Sweden) , Relentless (Ireland) , Kaksintaistelu erämaassa (Finland) , Il vagabondo della città morta (Italy) , Necontenit (Romania) , Relentless (United Kingdom)
  • Plot: At the local saloon, prospectors Len Briggs and Bob Pliny brag about finding gold at their mine. Bad guys Tex Brandaw and Jim Rupple decide to follow the two prospectors and steal their mine. Drifter Nick Buckley who's passing through town seeking shelter for his pregnant mare is offered a drink by the two old prospectors, on the account of their recent good fortune. They also offer him the use of their shack for the night. However, bad guy Tex Brandaw suggests to Nick the use of an empty stall in the town stable instead. The two old prospectors return to their cabin where bad guys Tex and Jim await in ambush and kill the prospectors and steal the map revealing the gold mine's location. They divide the map in two sections, to prevent cheating, and split up agreeing to meet later. Tex has no intention of sharing the gold with Jim and bushwhacks him on the trail taking Jim's other half of the map. Jim pursues Tex on foot and runs into drifter Nick Buckley who left town after spending the night there. Nick's mare has just given birth on the trail and is in no shape to travel but Jim seizes Nick's mare at gunpoint and gallops after Tex. The sickly mare dies. An angry Nick catches up with Jim and kills him in a gunfight. Unfortunately, Jim's partner in crime Tex has witnessed the gunfight. Pretending he's a passerby, Tex assures Nick that he will back up Nick's story of self-defense in front of the sheriff. Tex even offers to take Jim's body back to town and inform the sheriff about the facts. Nick leaves to aid his helpless foal back on the trail. Tex tels the sheriff that Nick killed Jim and the two prospectors, thus covering his own crimes. The sheriff's posse goes after Nick who's oblivious that he's a wanted man. On the trail, Nick runs into Luella Purdy, owner of a traveling general store, whom Nick met into town the day before. She agrees to help Nick care for his starving foal. Luella believes Nick's story of self-defense concerning the showdown with bad guy Jim. Unfortunately, the sheriff shows up and he charges Nick with the murders of the two gold prospectors and that of Jim Rupple, as witnessed by Tex Brandaw.
  • IMDB:tt0040726
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