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1.8 (23)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1919-06-01
  • Director: Richard Stanton
  • Writers: George V. Hobart , Adrian Johnson
  • Language: None
  • Stars: William Farnum , Anna Luther , Lyster Chambers , Sara Alexander , Anne Schaefer , Edward Roseman
  • Runtime: 50 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The Jungle Trail (United States of America) , Den hvide tiger (Denmark) , Lucky Charm (United States of America) , 籔の細径 (Japan) , The Jungle Trail
  • Plot: New York City - Dashing, debonair, but not very rich, Robert Morgan [William Farnum] wants love, and is determined to get it. He lives with and takes care of his aged mother [Sara Alexander]. Beautiful Mary Lamar [Anna Luther] wants him anyway, but there are two problems. First, she's a wealthy society girl, and her mother [Anna Schaeffer] is afraid that he will not be able to support her. Also, unbeknownst to Morgan, Mary has a wealthy suitor, the devious Philip Garson [Lyster Chambers], who is her mother's choice. Garson is aware of Mary's feelings toward Morgan. New York City - Garson meets and befriends Morgan, who tells him of his desire to see the jungle. Garson convinces Morgan that he could make money getting African tiger skins for him, and entices him with a story of an enormous tiger which, it was said, could not be captured. Garson promises a $50,000 reward for that tiger, and agrees to finance Morgan's trip to Africa. Morgan decides to go, and Garson assigns two guides to go with him.A Zulu Village - In Africa, Morgan uses a Zulu Village as his base camp. Before he arrives the guides, on Garson's order, conspire with several of the Zulus to kill Morgan. First, while he sleeps, a guide slips a rattlesnake into his bunk. He awakes and kills the snake. Then, a large party of Zulu hunters [Miami residents dressed in leopard skins] arrive, stating that they have seen the tiger in the nearby forest. Morgan follows them, and soon needs to run for his life as they attempt to kill him. In the forest, he drops a lucky charm that is picked up by a guide. Morgan is led back to the village and he barricades himself in one of the huts. Surrounded by about 20 natives throwing spears, he defends himself with his automatic rifle. Soon out of ammunition, the hut is set afire. Morgan runs, wading through a pool of alligators, and escapes. The Hindu Temple - Exhausted, Morgan collapses on the shore of a fantastic village never-before seen by Europeans. He is discovered by Wanada [Anna Lehr], a temple virgin, and brought to her father, the high priest. Seems their people had never seen a white man. Wanada befriends Morgan, and this enrages Haja [George Stone], her lover. He convinces the villagers to burn Morgan at the stake as an infidel. Morgan pulls out the stake, avoids poisonous fumes, and saves himself. Impressed by this feat of strength, they make him a god and give him free reign of the temple. The Hindu Village - Morgan is challenged by the village strongman Ebano [G. Raymond Nye]. Surrounded by cheering villagers, Morgan throws Ebano into the water. Now living at the temple and homesick, Morgan confides in Wanada, telling her of his love for Mary and for his mother in America. Desperate for money, he and Wanada steal the jewels at the foot of the statue of the god of war. Haja sees them, and Morgan upsets the war god statue, crushing Haja. Morgan and Wanada then quietly walk away from the village.New York - Back home, Morgan discovers that while he was away, Garson had shown his mother the lucky charm that the guide had found in Africa, and told her that he had died. She then died of grief. Morgan vows revenge on Garson. With Wanada's help, he disguises himself as a fortune teller and, in a session with Garson and the still-grieving Mary, he tells them that Morgan is still alive. When Garson doubts that, Morgan reveals himself, and threatens to kill Garson. Wanada intervenes, and instead forces Garson to agree to surrender himself. Morgan and Mary marry, and live happily ever after.
  • IMDB:tt0010319
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