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  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1917-01-29
  • Director: William Worthington
  • Writers: George Hively , Fred Myton
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Franklyn Farnum , Leah Baird , Gertrude Astor (1887–1977) , Charles Perley , Countess Du Cello , Seymour Hastings
  • Runtime: 50 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Djævelens Betalingsdag (Denmark) , The Devil's Pay Day (United States of America) , The Devil's Pay Day
  • Plot: When Gregory Van Houten went to the country to recuperate he intended to remain only a few weeks and then return to plunge into the swirl of city gaieties. But when Van Houten returned he brought with him a country girl wife and set upon himself the seal of new duties and obligations. Jean Haskins was the daughter of Farmer Haskins who owned the place where Van Houten boarded. She was a simple child of nature, trustful and devoted to the new ideals of happiness that Van Houten brought into her young life. Farmer Haskins warned the young folks that they were storing trouble for themselves in marrying; he told them that their lives had been so different that they would eventually find that they could not continue happily. They, nevertheless, were married, and the Van Houtens returned to town happy. At the first social function the Van Houtens attended Gregory realized that his wife had not been prepared for the butterfly life. One of Gregory's club friends, James Hanley, saw in the young bride a conquest. His attentions to Jean soon centered Gregory's suspicions upon them, Gregory, meanwhile, turning to a woman in his own set for companionship. Upon an incident that looked worse than it really was, Gregory based cause for a divorce and won his case. Then he married the other woman, a society butterfly. The shock changed Jean's good and wholesome nature completely; she turned into a viper, bent upon revenging herself upon the man who had violated his obligation and made a mockery of her love. Hanley gained his point, but in possessing himself of Jean gained more of companionship than her love as recompense. The years passed before Gregory and Jean again met, and then Jean's beauty fired his heart with desire. Jean connived to reap her vengeance. When Hanley was called away Jean refused to accompany him, setting up as an excuse that a few months' separation would lead them to a better understanding of their position. Gregory takes advantage of a free field and Jean coyly leads him on. Gregory neglected the wife he married when he divorced Jean and turned all his attentions to Jean. Suddenly Hanley appeared upon the scene, and Jean made a way to a greater revenge than she had ever planned. The men engaged in a personal encounter and when Hanley seemed to be getting the better of the fight, Jean fired a revolver at the struggling forms and killed Hanley. The sudden outcome of the combat benumbed Gregory's senses. Jean placed the revolver in his hand just as the police entered and they found Gregory bending over the prostrate form of his rival. In the trial that ensued Jean swore that Gregory fired the shot, and her vengeance is almost completed by the verdict of the jury that Gregory was guilty of deliberate murder. But when the court guard goes to bring the prisoner to hear his doom, they find him dead upon the cot of his cell and Jean is left to contemplate the sad ending of her youthful romance.
  • IMDB:tt0007856
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