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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1916-06-05
  • Director: William C. Dowlan
  • Writers: Leonora Ainsworth , George Gibbs
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Flora Parker DeHaven , Vera Doria , Richard Sterling
  • Runtime: 50 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The Madcap (United States of America)
  • Plot: Hermia Challoner, nicknamed the Madcap, has become so satisfied with luxury that she seeks happiness in danger and excitement. Her friend, Countess Olga Tcherny, introduces her to John Markham, a portrait painter. Although he interests Hermia, she is piqued at his treatment of her. Markham later goes to an isolated island to paint. Hermia, who has a country estate on the mainland, goes aeroplaning and purposely lands on the island. She disables the machine in landing, and Markham, who meets her, tells her that no boat will stop at the island for three days. Olga and others arrive. Meanwhile the aeroplane has been fixed and Hermia flies home. Markham afterwards spends a week-end at Hermia's home. Hidden from sight in a high-backed chair, Hermia overhears Markham tell Olga he starts for Normandy on the morrow. Later Olga tells Hermia she thinks she will take a trip to Normandy, and Olga, who has become rather jealous of Hermia, is surprised and displeased when Hermia tells her that she will accompany her. John Markham goes to Normandy, attired in vagabond clothes, and travels as an itinerant "lightning artist." Hermia is speeding to Trouville, where Olga is staying, and meets with an accident to her auto. She meets Markham and learns what he is doing. She longs with her whole heart to leave her world of sham and become a vagabond also. He finally consents to allow her to accompany him. She purchases a costume and determines to earn her living. She is known as Yvonne Deschamps. Markham passes as Philadin, a lightning portrait artist. Markham, now in love with Hermia, proposes to her in the rose garden at Vallecy, but she laughs and conceals her love for him. In the meantime Olga has made inquiries and is suspicious that possibly Hermia and Markham may have met and are together, so she starts an investigation. Markham and Hermia join a small band of performers and go to the Alencon Fete. While Markham is sketching the villagers at the show and Hermia is playing her instruments outside the tent she sees Olga in the distance, tells Markham and disappears. She knows her reputation will be destroyed if Olga sees her. Olga sees Markham and insists on investigating everything. Although Olga causes much suspense, she doesn't discover Hermia, but is still suspicious and gets her chauffeur to act as a spy. Hermia and Markham, tearful of discovery, leave that night and discover the chauffeur following them. Markham sends him about his business. Then they struggle on through the forest until, exhausted, they discover a hunting lodge. No one seems to be around, so they take possession. The next morning Olga is seen by Hermia and Markham coming toward the lodge. Markham tells Hermia to climb the ladder to the attic and escape through the window. Olga enters, and finding Markham, looks around, but can find no trace of Hermia until she notices the mud on the ladder and feels sure that Hermia is in the attic. She then starts to talk to Markham, inventing tales of the days they have spent together and his vows of constancy. He is too astonished to reply at first and as he is about to do so she fires her gun out of the window. Fearing something awful has happened, Hermia raises the trap door and comes down. Olga is now triumphant. Hermia tells her she has brought down the game and to whistle for the dogs. She tells Olga that she loves Markham and that Markham loves her. When Olga has left Markham takes Hermia in his arms. She if furious at him, and tells him she lied to Olga, that she detests him, and that, now their vagabondia is spoiled, they must part. Their next meeting is in New York at the home of Mrs. Hammond, a social leader, who is giving a party. Private theatricals are to be the feature of the evening. As Hermia enters Olga tells her she hopes she will like the play, as she wrote it herself. Later Hermia is horrified to find the play is a story based on her summer's adventures. Olga spreads the gossip and Hermia, seeing herself the object of scandal, is ashamed and broken hearted. Markham is indignant. Mrs. Hammond, hearing the scandal, questions Markham. He tells her the whole truth and how innocent of wrong Hermia is. Mrs. Hammond is furious at Olga's taking advantage of her hospitality and assures Markham that she will see that the story is denied and that Olga is ostracized from her circle of friends. Markham finds Hermia has left her home and spends weeks trying to find her, all to no avail. Finally, one day he receives a package containing nothing but a tiny bell. He recognizes the bell as being like the ones Hermia wore on her vagabond costume. The postmark is Vallecy and he knows it is a silent message from her, and that she is waiting for him in the rose garden. He hurries with all speed to Vallecy and there finds Hermia in the rose garden where he first told her of his love.
  • IMDB:tt0007004
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