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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1915-10-25
  • Director: William C. Dowlan
  • Writers: L.V. Jefferson
  • Language: None | English
  • Stars: Carter DeHaven , Flora Parker DeHaven , Miss Edwards , Louis Morrison , Gloria Fonda , Val Paul , Lule Warrenton
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: The College Orphan , The College Orphan (United States of America) , At Watt College (United States of America)
  • Plot: Jack Bennett has been leading a gay life. Below his father has just received a bill from one of the café proprietors for damage committed by his son and others of a party the night before. He summons the young man and proceeds to lecture him soundly, stating that in the college career, upon which he is about to start, his allowance is to be twenty dollars per week. Jack's fiancée is Irma Brentwood, the daughter of his father's partner in business. She, however, prefers Bruce Howard, an upper classman in the college, although she is engaged to Jack. It is the plan of the fathers that their children shall marry when Jack finishes college. At school Jack and Bruce are bitter rivals and belong to opposing Greek letter fraternities. Jack is stopping at Mrs. Blanding's boarding house. In Mrs. Blanding's employ is a little orphan girl, Daisy Woods, who conceives a violent admiration and semi-love for Jack. He scarcely notices her, although he is friendly when by chance he meets her. Jack and his frat brothers plan to attend the theater, but find that the opposing fraternity, including Bruce Howard, have taken possession of the theater and that there is nothing left for them. Howard's crowd starts a rough-house, which ends in their being driven from the theater with a fire hose. Jack and his boys, entering by the stage entrance, arrange with the girls to visit the frat house for a little evening, no evil intended. Disgruntled, Howard's crowd learns of what has happened and of how the other fellows have put it over on them, and they plan to inform the dean of the college. Jack's friends learn of this bit of treachery and smuggle the girls out of the house, while, to cast off suspicion, half of the fellows masquerade as girls. Howard, however, is determined to have revenge, so he arranges with one of the girls a scheme to humiliate his rival. He bribes the girl and smuggles her into Jack Bennett's room at the boarding house, being observed, however, by little Daisy Woods. Jack returns and finds the woman in his room. Jack is expelled, and his father disinherits him. Jack is brokenhearted, but acting on the advice of little Daisy Woods, resolves to be a man and make good. Jack, with an eye to the welfare of his little friend, writes a note to his father, explaining that Daisy knows the truth of the affair and can explain all. Daisy arrives at the home of Jack's father and tells her story to both his father and his fiancée. His fiancée is apparently unaffected, but the father is repentant and offers forgiveness to his son through Daisy. Jack rejects the offer, stating that he has decided to make good unaided. Mr. Bennett, Jack's father, and Mr. Brentwood, Irma's father, are figuring on a large government contract bid. One evening when calling upon Irma, Bruce Howard sees papers upon which the two fathers have been working lying upon the table, and he at once realizes their value. He slips them inside his pocket, being observed by Daisy, who is acting as Irma's maid. She succeeds in securing the papers without his knowledge and, knowing of their great value, plans to give them to Jack. Jack realizes the value of the papers, and securing an advance from his mother, who has always been his friend, he succeeds in underbidding Howard, as well as his father and partner. He is re-established in the eyes of the fathers, by thus saving the contract. The true story of Howard's duplicity comes out. Irma's father again offers her to Jack, who coldly turns his back upon her and places his arm about the little orphan, Daisy.
  • IMDB:tt0005105
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