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Oh, Sun ()

  • AKA:
  • Country: ,
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2
  • Genres:
  • Release: 1967-11-01
  • Director: Med Hondo
  • Writers: Med Hondo
  • Language: French | Arabic
  • Stars: Robert Liensol , Théo Légitimus , Gabriel Glissant , Mabousso Lo
  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Awards: 1 win.
  • Plot: A native of Mauritania is delighted when he is chosen to work in Paris. Hoping to parlay the experience into a better life for himself, he eagerly prepares for his departure from his native land. Although an educated man, he has extreme difficulty finding work and an apartment. He sees racial inequity as blacks are relegated to manual labor while less skilled whites are given preferential treatment. A dinner with a liberal white friend even reveals a continuing attitude of colonization towards third world countries. The disappointed man runs off to the woods where he hears the far off cry of the jungle drums calling him home from a cold and indifferent land.
  • IMDB:tt0062285
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