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Stestí je krásná vec ()

3.5 (80)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 2020-08-27
  • Director: Jirí Diarmaid Novák
  • Writers: Igor Konyukov , Jaroslav Sauer , Jana Slouková , Tomás Svoboda
  • Language: Czech
  • Stars: Petra Hrebícková , Karel Zima , Ondrej Pavelka , Jan Dolanský , Tomás Jerábek , Zdenek Godla , Marek Taclík , Eva Leinweberová , Aleš Kaizner , Markéta Hrubesová
  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Stestí je krásná vec , Šťastie je krásna vec (Slovakia (Slovak Republic)) , Štěstí je krásná věc (Czech Republic)
  • Plot:

    Cenda and Jana form a couple. They live in a village, and neither of them has a job. Cenda owes everyone, and the executors have their doors at the door. Nevertheless, they love each other and do not complain significantly about their lives. Cenda’s father has a sick heart and Cenda would like to pay for an operation that could prolong his father’s life. But where to get the money? So they go to church and hope that the pastor can lend them. This will not happen, but he will give them a betting ticket, which will also bless them, and Jan and Cenda will finally be lucky and win 176 million crowns. None of them have any experience with such money, but they are sure that it is better to have money at home in a closet than in a bank. They put a lot of money in the trunk of their old car with the help of bodyguards, when the Roma cleaner Patrik accidentally sucks some of their money with a vacuum cleaner. For that, the bodyguards attack him. Cenda and Jana are good people, and when they find out that Patrik’s executors took a taxi, they give him money so he can buy a new one. He will save the money when he arrives home. They decide to have a nice evening, take a limousine to Prague, where they go to dinner, stay in a hotel for the first time in their lives, and go to various attractions. Their car has reached the end of their service life, so they decide to buy a new one. During the test drive, Cenda crashes the car in front of her, and coincidentally it is a couple, primary school classmates, who bullied Cenda in her youth. When they find out that Cenda has a lot of money, they immediately behave differently. To compensate them for the accident, Cenda buys their car. Sandra’s classmate is very friendly and, regardless of Jana and Cenda, she flirts openly. It doesn’t take long and the village shouts that they have won and, as usual, there are many people who are also trying to get some money out of their package. Jana and Cenda pay off their debts and even Cenda’s brother Marek appears, who has not shown up for years and has the idea that Cenda should invest the money profitably. One of the offers is an investment in a former quarry that has been closed because it is mined, but the seller claims that there are still large reserves. Cenda and Jana invest 23 million crowns and have a geological survey done. It wants a celebration, so Jana spends the day in a beauty salon and the men go to a bar and billiards. Here, Sandra reappears and does everything she can to seduce Cenda. She takes pictures with him and would like something more. However, Cenda rejects her. He and Mark get drunk, and when Cenda wakes up in the morning, it’s no wonder. His car disappeared, even with the money, and if it hadn’t given the receptionist a big tip and he gave him a thousand crowns for a taxi, he would have gone home on foot. The taxi driver is none other than Patrik, who, out of gratitude, takes Cenda for free and becomes his friend. At home, however, suitcases outside the door are waiting for Cenda. The local priest handed over photos of Cenda and Sandra to Jana, and Jana decided that he had cheated on her. Cenda has nowhere to go, she has no money and she doesn’t even have a beloved wife.

  • IMDB:tt11693726
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