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Our Mutual Girl, No. 39 () LoadingSUBSCRIBE

  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1914-10-12
  • Director: John W. Noble
  • Writers: Arthur James
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Norma Phillips , Eleanor L. Brown , William O’Neill
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Our Mutual Girl, No. 39 (United States of America)
  • Plot: Margaret, with Baby Lily's jewel in the little bag hanging on her wrist, stood looking into the muzzle of the young man's gun. Evidently, he had no sense of humor. So, what in the world could she do? Well, the serious sort were susceptible to flattery, and she might cajole him at least into letting her put down her aching arms. "Don't be silly," said she. Then, for the first time, she smiled. And those who have seen the effulgence of that maneuver can imagine the thumps of the young man's heart in instant response. "Surely, you must realize that I am not a burglar," she added. They kept up a rapid fire of repartee, if not of shells, until, in a happy inspiration, she accused him of threatening her with an unloaded gun. Actually made uncertain, he investigated. Two shells fell out of the breach to the floor. Margaret snatched them up and scampered for the door. He chased her to the hedge across the grounds, and again she was prisoner, this time before a gun that was unquestionably reloaded. "Couldn't we sit down?" she asked. He marched her back to the Hamilton's front porch, they sat down; neither spoke. Meanwhile, unseen by them, a tall, lean man had made his way across the lawn, and had shinned up the column of the porch on the side of the house, to Miss Hamilton's room. When he came down again, the jewel marked with a B was in his pocket. He ran to the road, and jumping into an automobile, drove away at high speed. If Margaret could have seen him she would have recognized Lily's father. But she and young Hamilton were absorbed in what was becoming a very wearisome situation. Margaret longed to escape home to Aunt Abbie and Baby Lily. Besides, she was hungry. This latter craving she confessed to her captor, and was promptly walked around to the pantry window and directed to "pick a pie" from the shelf. Returning, they devoured it together. Then Hamilton, when her head was turned, ventured cautiously to unload the gun and stand it against the house. He began pacing up and down. In a flash Margaret had the weapon in her hands. "Now we'll turn the tables!" she cried. "Pardon me, it really isn't loaded," he answered. But, instantly producing the two shells she had picked off the floor, Our Mutual Girl loaded it. And this time it was Hamilton who held up his hands. However, he succeeded in outwitting her, getting possession of the gun again, and the old tete-a-tete was resumed. Miss Hamilton's return cut short another tedious silence. Her brother was greatly relieved to see by her greeting that Margaret was a friend and a neighbor of hers, and that after all he would not be called upon to land this very attractive young lady behind prison bars, for of course soon they would have the real explanation from her. He promised for the present, however, not to say anything to his sister about what had happened, and very willingly allowed Our Mutual Girl to return home. Miss Hamilton, meanwhile, had gone upstairs to take off her hat. When she came down, she scarcely noticed for a moment that her guest was gone. "Oh, Ralph!" she cried, tears starting to her eyes, "Somebody's been in the house and robbed us. One of my jewels is gone!" Ralph was stunned. So she was a burglar after all! But what could he tell his sister?
  • IMDB:tt5081738
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