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Our Mutual Girl, No. 33 () LoadingSUBSCRIBE

  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1914-08-31
  • Director: John W. Noble
  • Writers: Irvin S. Cobb
  • Language: English
  • Stars: Norma Phillips , Mayme Kelso , Edward Brennan , Makoto Inokuchi , Oscar Nye , Annie the Dog
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Our Mutual Girl, No. 33 (United States of America)
  • Plot: When Dunbar leaves his apartments the morning after he has visited his criminal brother's rooms, he is trailed by the ever-suspicious Kid Joseph and the detectives Mrs. Knickerbocker has employed. They follow Dunbar through the mazes of crowded New York streets until, as he enters a café, they slow up lest he behold them. But, whether by instinct or because he has caught a glimpse of the shadowers and knows he is being followed. Dunbar does not remain in the café. Quickly as he enters it he leaves by another door and, in a swift jump over a fence, is out of sight. The three wait for a time for him to emerge and when he fails to do so one glance into the café tells them that Dunbar again has eluded them. Dunbar, free of his pursuers, makes his way hurriedly to his brother's rooms. He knocks again and again, and finally elicits a surly answer. "Let me in or I'll break down the door," Dunbar tells his brother. "Get out of here or I'll shoot through the door," is his brother's reply. Instantly Dunbar's weight goes against the door and as it bends his brother fires. Dunbar's answer is to get a fire axe and smash his way in. His brother fires twice, pointblank, but misses. Then, as Dunbar peers through the breach he has made, he sees his brother dive frenziedly for a book-case. Before he can reach it Dunbar enters the room. His brother recoils in cowardice before Dunbar's determined advance and Dunbar, going quickly through the books in the rack, finds the one that hides the cameos. By that peculiar instinct of dogs, Annie feels that her master is in danger. Lying at Margaret's feet the clever animal's ears jerk nervously, then her fur rises, and finally she paces the room. Of a sudden she leaves and, going from window to window of the downstairs portion of the house, finally makes her exit, opening a huge gate all by herself. Then at headlong pace she runs to her master's rooms. While she is so engaged the detectives see her, recognize her, and follow her to her master's quarters. And at the very instant that Dunbar stands in the littered rooms with the cameos in his hands, the detectives and Kid Joseph enter. "Caught with the goods," the Kid gleefully cries. But just then, as the detectives are about to arrest Dunbar, a shot is heard in the next room. They make their way there, to find that Dunbar's brother has shot himself. And then they understand. Dunbar silently makes his way to Margaret and gives her the stolen gems. Then, with a feeling that, though it is for the last time, his brother has disgraced him beyond immediate relief. Dunbar arranges with a great Metropolitan daily to go to Europe to "cover" the war. These arrangements made, he asks Margaret whether she will see him off on the "St. Paul" the next morning. And as Dunbar sails down the Hudson to what strange adventures may befall him, Our Mutual Girl stands disconsolately on the pier.
  • IMDB:tt5081718
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