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  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1912-11-01
  • Director: N/A
  • Writers: Washington Irving
  • Language: None | French
  • Stars: N/A
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Rip Van Winkle (France, French Republic)
  • Plot: Rip Van Winkle was a simple, good-natured fellow and a kind neighbor to all. But he was a hen-pecked husband. Dame Van Winkle was undeniably justified in her outbursts. Perhaps it was the fact that he knew he deserved to be chased and pounded by her hard-worked broom that always caused him to come smilingly out from periods of punishment. He was a lax soul in regard to money accounts. When he saw them coming with their bills in hand, he would hunt his favorite and successful hiding-place, under the kitchen table, trusting to Dame Van Winkle to secure a further extension of payment. The village money lender calls for his overdue payment on mortgage. As usual Rip has retreated beneath the table. There is no money with which to pay him and the lender leaves them, threatening drastic ends. Dame Van Winkle grows really angry. Rip must go to work, and by way of enforcing her mandate, she gets her trusty broom and rains blow after blow upon the back of the escaping Rip. He reaches the village inn and feels secure among those of his sex. But even to this stronghold comes Dame Van Winkle and Rip is led away by the ear. The following day while his wife is away to the village store. Rip takes his gun and a bit of lunch and goes up into the mountains to hunt. Higher and higher he climbs. Suddenly he comes upon an old man. The stranger frightened Rip, but himself was unafraid of Rip. He even commanded Rip to carry his keg of wine, which command he obeyed. On he followed behind the stranger till at last they met a crowd of men. They were playing tenpins. When the men commanded him to serve them wine, he obeyed. He was told to take a flagon to their cave and he started. Down the mountainside he went and being unobserved, he put the flagon to his lips. He was naturally a thirsty soul and he drank deep and hearty in a single quaff. He became sleepy, he lay down and was soon asleep. Down in the village Rip was missed from his home and his routine haunts. Curiosity as to where he might be grew into anxiety as he failed to appear. And how like a woman, Dame Van Winkle is now most anxious of all. A big searching party is formed and up into the mountains they go, calling for Rip, but no answer comes save an occasional echo. Days pass and he does not return. Each day gone lessens both their curiosity and Dame Winkle's anxiety, till at last she resignedly abandons hope of Rip's return. Now follow those famous twenty years through which Rip slept. Years in which he contentedly dreamed of the goblinmen and witches, of village belles and dancing fairies. Now then his awakening. "Surely," thought Rip as he rubbed his eyes, "I have not slept all night." He didn't notice the leaves that fell away from him nor did his long whiskers come to his attention. Slowly he wends his way down the mountainside till he came to the river road. It seemed quite odd to Rip to meet so many strangers, and why did they all start back in fear when they noticed him? He struck first for home. Without knocking, he entered. His home looked different. Dame Van Winkle appeared and cried in alarm. Someone appears from another room and Rip is driven out before the broom as he was just twenty years before. A young lady follows him. She feels instinctively drawn to this strange old man. She is Rip's daughter. Down to the inn Rip wanders. There all is changed. He asks for those who were wont to meet him there and is told they are dead. He asks them if they don't remember Rip Van Winkle, and for the first time he learns he has been dead for twenty years. An old witch appears and she readily recognizes Rip. Now that his identity is established he repairs home and into the arms of Dame Winkle and his grown-up children.
  • IMDB:tt4632372
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