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Pathé News, No. 2 () LoadingSUBSCRIBE

  • Country:
  • Genres: ,
  • Release: 1917-01-03
  • Director: N/A
  • Writers: N/A
  • Language: English
  • Stars: A.M. Coyle , El Rey Sisters , Charles S. Whitman
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Pathé News, No. 2 (United States of America)
  • Plot: Fontana, Cal: The orange industry still flourishes in Sunny California which supplies a large part of the country's demand for the luscious fruit. Subtitles: All oranges are carefully brushed and then sized. They are then weighed by automatic scales to estimate the quantity. Boxing the oranges ready for shipment. Mount Holly. N.J: Four persons are killed and eleven seriously injured when the Madison hotel is blown up by the explosion of acetylene gas tanks and completely destroyed. Long Branch. N.J: Frozen streams offer many opportunities for sport to the winter enthusiasts who transform their sailing craft into fast-speeding ice yachts. Subtitles: Sailing with the wind. Hundreds take advantage of outdoor skating at New York's Van Cortlandt Park: The art of ice-skating, as illustrated by the El Rey Sisters of the Hippodrome Ice Ballet. Subtitles: Every skater who has mastered the rudiments of the sport aspires to learn figure skating. The most common of the fancy steps is the figure "8". The figure "3" is a little more difficult. The human top. The terpsichorean art is also possible on the ice as graceful skaters glide to the rhythmic time of the dance. Albany, N.Y: Regiments of National Guard participate in the inaugural ceremonies of Charles S. Whitman, re-elected as governor of the Empire State. Subtitles: A salute of nineteen guns is fired in honor of the occasion. Governor Whitman. Hempstead, N.Y: Twelve U.S. army aviators brave the frigid winter winds to enter the cross-country flight to Philadelphia, in a qualifications test for government pilot licenses. Subtitles: Each machine is supplies with 30 gallons of gasoline. Lieut. A.M. Coyle is the first of eight aviators to complete the flight, covering the 165 miles in 97 minutes. Niagara Falls, N.Y: Winter covers the land with its icy mantle but it cannot stop the rushing torrents of these wonderful falls as they roll over the brink. Subtitle: Prospect point in its picturesque winter garb, caused by the spray of the waterfall. Philadelphia, Pa: Gaiety reigns supreme as the Quaker City's Jolly Mummers celebrate the arrival of a New Year with unusually sparkling festivities. Subtitles: The celebrants strive to outdo each other in the quaintness of their multi-colored costumes. Gorgeous floats bespeak the city's happy prosperity. Rockland, Me: Developing a speed of 31 knots an hour the U.S. torpedo boat destroyer Allen successfully undergoes her speed trials on the government course. Subtitle: The trim destroyer is a worthy addition to America's ever-growing Navy.
  • IMDB:tt4209688
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