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6.6 (17)
  • Country:
  • Genres:
  • Release: 2004-08-02
  • Director: N/A
  • Writers: N/A
  • Language: Urdu | Hindi | English
  • Stars: Deeba Begum , Abid Ali , Munawar Saeed , Mehmood Akhtar , Ehtasham Warsi , Kashif Mahmood , Maria Wasti , Adnan Jilani , Qaiser Naqvi , Rashid Farooqi
  • Runtime: 640 min
  • Awards: 4 nominations
  • AKA: Moorat , Moorat Aka Eunuch's Wedding , Moorat Aka Eunuch's Wedding (Pakistan)
  • Plot: The story of a boy who was always snubbed and beaten by his brother and father and tried finding love outside the home. Baber was younger than Asim and never got to play with Asim. Mother used to save him from from father's beating and brother's rude behavior. Baber liked all the girlish thing like jewelry, cosmetics, shiny clothes, playing with dolls and going to Intersex Reshma's house who loved him. He brings up watching all this around and starts passing more and more time with Reshma and her friends Bijli and Shola. He talks like girls, goes for dancing with the group of intersex, which is their profession, in parties, weddings, etc. Parents decide to marry him with his cousin Kosar. Baber behaves in the same way with Kosar, praising her dress and jewelry. Kosar when watches him on wedding night she remembers that she saw him as a Trans woman in a wedding. Next morning when her mother comes, Kosar tells her and she takes Kosar back home. Kareem and Asim beat Baber and he leaves home, goes and lives with Reshma. Kosar later comes back when people start asking why is she not going back to her in-laws. She visits Reshma's house and brings Baber back. Later Kosar becomes pregnant and the same day Baber comes to know that Reshma has cancer and it needs a lot of money for her treatment. He leaves home and does not stop when Sughra and Kosar try to stop him. Kosar leaves home and goes to her Aunts' home. Sughra and Kareem later go to bring her back but she refuses. Later she receives divorce papers from Baber. Asim gets married with the girl he likes and when Baber comes to visit his mother, Asim's wife doesn't like him coming in the home and fights with Asim to get her a separate home. Kosar has a baby girl and when Sughra comes to see the baby and tries to take the baby away on Kosar's behaviour, Kosar pushes her out of the home and throw her things away. Sughra on coming back is very shocked and later she becomes a mental patient. Baber takes care of her. Reshma dies of cancer and her parents come on her death. Asim has already left home with his wife due to Baber. Kosar gets married to Aunt's son Majeed who is an honest police officer and likes Kosar. But he doesn't like Kosar's daughter. Kosar later gets pregnant again. Baber goes and brings Asim back to see the mother who is critically ill. Sughra dies after being sick and mentally unbalanced. Asim realizes what he has done to his parents and tells his wife to get lost when she comes on Sughra's death. Kosar gives birth to a baby boy and on the birth ceremony of the baby, a group of Trans and intersex dancers come to their house. Kosar listens to a known voice outside in the courtyard where her Aunt has taken her daughter and Majeed has taken the baby. She runs and watches Baber (Trans Woman) dancing with her mates. Kosar snatches the baby from Majeed when Baber is about to take the baby in her lap. Kosar pushes Baber who falls on the floor next to her daughter and there Baber comes to know who the little girl is. Baber tries to keep her hand on the baby's head who moves away from her. Majeed then realises what would have passed on Kosar and accepts the baby girl as his daughter.
  • IMDB:tt3852622
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