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Kristine ()

7.4 (31)
  • Country:
  • Genres: , ,
  • Release: 2010-08-16
  • Director: N/A
  • Writers: N/A
  • Language: Filipino | Tagalog
  • Stars: Cristine Reyes , Zanjoe Marudo , Zanjoe Marudo , Rafael Rosell , Eric Fructuoso , Irma Adlawan , Angel Jacob , Angel Jacob , William Lorenzo , Carla Martinez , Lito Legaspi , JM de Guzman
  • Runtime: min
  • Awards: N/A
  • AKA: Kristine , Martha Cecilia's Kristine (Philippines) , Precious Hearts Romances Presents Martha Cecilia's Kristine (Philippines) , Kristine (Philippines)
  • Plot: The feud between the De Silva and Fortalejo families started when Romano Fortalejo refused to marry Alicia De Silva because he was in love with Ana. Romano and Ana's daughters, Emerald and Jewel grow up not knowing anything about the feud but when their father dies leaving a lot of hospital bills Emerald goes to her grandfather to get the inheritance left to them by their grandmother. Emerald Fortalejo runs into Marco de Silva, as Marco kidnaps her to get revenge on the family of Fortalejos and he slowly falls in love with her. Emerald realizes that her kidnapper, Marco, is a really good man and he felt guilty about the real reason why Emerald is in Paso De Blas. Jewel becomes worried about her sister and calls her Auntie Margarita but warned her that Emerald isn't at Villa Kristine instead she went to Paso De Blas despite her aunt's warning not to go. Upon arrival, Jewel meets Jaime Reyes but defends him from insults from an old man not knowing that she's having an argument with her own grandfather, Don Leon. Jewel found out the man she an argument at the market at the Villa Kristine. At the market place, a fight between the two families workers as the chaos settles, Jewel, meets Jaime again and pretends to be his wife which she told the guard to gain entrance to the Hacienda De Silva knowingly that's where she'll find her sister. Awkwardness starts to happen between Jamie and Jewel while inside the Hacidenda, Jewel tries her best to avoid Jamie. Jewel tries to escape and hid in the sugar cane fields but the enemy finds a necklace belonging to Jewel, Alfon uses the necklace as a clue where he believed the Fortalejos were the ones behind the hijacking and the murder. Alfon becomes suspicious about any newcomer in the Hacienda de Silva especially Jewel and very curious of her true identity. Later that night, Jewel tried to leave the Hacienda de Silva on her way out she sees her necklace hanging on the tree but Jamie catches her from getting it, she had to come up with an alibi to tell Jaime so that he doesn't get suspicious of her sudden interest in the necklace. Emerald wants to go back to the market to find her sister but Marco wouldn't allow her to for own safety. Meanwhile, Emerald and Jewel's mother, Ana is back from Davao and she had to come up with another lie so that no one becomes suspicious of her whereabouts. Roman Fortalejo, his wife, Ana and their two daughters home ended up being foreclosed. Jewel tried to fight her feelings for Jaime but her feelings for him start to develop between them and at the same time she's thinking what if he found out who she really is. Alfon won't stop until he finds out who the necklace belongs to. Margarita sees Ana at Paso De Blas and doesn't want Don Leon to see her.
  • IMDB:tt1729621
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