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Kaido Jarvemets is a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud expert specializing in Microsoft technologies and solutions, including Azure Active Directory, Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Automation, Azure Arc, Defender for Identity, and Log Analytics. Kaido Jarvemets has worked with numerous IT teams from companies of all sizes and multi-cloud security experts to provide design, architecture, implementation, and optimization services for these technologies. With over 15 years of experience in IT, cybersecurity, network management, and training, they possess the skills and knowledge to help customers accelerate their digital vision and achieve their goals.


In addition, Kaido Jarvemets founded Lakeforest Consulting in 2018. LakeForest Consulting is a high-performing security technology company specializing in modern workplace solutions, hybrid cloud management, seminar events, and other innovative solutions to improve the user experience.



·         Azure Update Management

·         Azure Log Analytics

·         Microsoft Sentinel

·         Azure Automation

·         Defender for Endpoint

·         Defender for Identity

·         Defender for Cloud

·         Hybrid Cloud Modernization Program



Tallinn, Estonia

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IT Automation and Process Streamlining


Lakeforest Technologies OÜ

Kaido Jarvemets

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