Job Search Strategies: Stay Focused For Best

In order to get the most out of your job search, it is important to develop a specific plan and use it to guide you through your career search. Developing a plan will ensure your search is targeted to a specific position; it will keep you on course and therefore will be more effective. If this is your first time, then you should contact a specialized resume writing service, such as – ResumeThatWorks. This will greatly increase your chances of finding a job.

Decide on a precise target and keep it in mind during your resume development, job search and during the interviewing stage – become immersed in the process giving it 110% of your attention. A few tips on how to get started include:

• Establish Clear Career Goals – Decide on the parameters of your job search. This can actually take some time for those changing careers, or returning to or just entering the workforce but well worth the time. Behavioral and professional assessments, research and even career coaching are often helpful tools to determine your career calling.

• Once you know what you are really interested in, the industry, location, and type of company; you are ready to move forward. Be honest in this step because the rest of your search depends on it and the surer you are about your target the better fitting job you will find.

• Develop Targeted Resume and other Career Documents – When developing your resume and writing the summary, work experience and achievements in the resume; focus every sentence on the needs of the employer. Include all keywords, skills, and experience requirements that are asked for in the job description.

Eliminate information that has no bearing on your current goals, it just takes up space. Keep the focus consistent in all of your career documents, particularly when developing your achievements. Tell not only what you accomplished, but how and the results of the achievements for the biggest impact.

Recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers are inundated with resumes and the only way you are going to get noticed is if your resume stands out. Let your value shine throughout your resume and cover letter by keeping it focused.

• Launch an Intense Job Search – Consistency is key to your successful job search so focus on the industry, field, location and even companies you outlined earlier in your career goals. Find ways to bypass the main forms of introduction to a company. It is estimated that up to 70% of jobs are hidden – so get creative!

Find contacts through Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, forums, groups, or any other online social networking tools. Google each company you target and read all you can about what they are doing and where they need help. If you are able to land an interview with one of the companies you will have to prepare even further and this will be a good place to start.

You can network in your own community as well. Get involved with community activities, volunteer and church groups, your kids’ schools, your own alumni, associations in the environment you are looking to get into and the associations you may have belonged to in the past.

• Stay curious, creative, and motivated for the best results – and stay focused on your goals. Often job seekers hear of other jobs that don’t align with their career goals. It is understandable but when this happens you often settle and wind up unhappy with your decision.

Don’t bail on your goals until you’ve honestly given your job search your best efforts. Your job search should be a full-time job if you aren’t working and close to a full-time job even if you are. This market is too tough to do anything halfway.

• Get Noticed at the Interview – So, you’ve stayed true to your goals and have landed a couple of really great interviews. In order to WoW the interviewer and get noticed, you will need to reveal more than just skill and experience at the interview. You have to be the right fit for the company and be able to demonstrate how you can help them, be a value to them, solve their problem or make them money.

The preparation before the interview is crucial to understanding their current involvements. They will expect you to know about their company – so do your homework. Think of ideas and actions you can take to help them with their current issues and use examples of your own achievements to confirm your value.

Your goals will guide you throughout your job search right down to the job offer. Does it match the goals you established before you began your job search, does it meet your expectations and provide you what you need?

Not all of your goals need to be shared with the interviewers, but they do need to be met by your new employer in order for you to find a truly rewarding career.

Without your career goals and plans, you’ll likely be running from side to side trying to grab at anything that comes along. Your resume will have a little of everything, won’t stand out, and your search will find companies and jobs that really don’t fit your needs or wants. Stay the course, stay motivated – you’ll be glad you did.