Pulling an All-Nighter for Erotic Fun with VIP Escorts in Kolkata

If you are planning for a romantic session of lovemaking, you should think about pulling an all-nighter. Most of the VIP escorts in Kolkata suggest people the same if they are looking for great erotic fun. Plus, isn’t it obvious to plan for maximum pleasure when you are spending a decent amount for it? You are putting your hard-earned money on stake, and if you don’t get maximum satisfaction, your money will go in vain. Therefore, you need to make sure you have extracted enough value for your investment.

While you can use many different ways to make your moments unforgettable, trying different sex positions is the most effective among them. It does only give you a unique experience but also helps you unlock the new level of pleasure. Here is the list of best positions you can try for more adult fun.

Best Positions to Try While Availing Escorts Services in Kolkata

 ‘Woman on Top’: If you do not like to be in charge and let the partner do all the hard work, you can select ‘woman on top’ position. It puts the female in charge, and you become the sleeping partner. One of the most common benefits of being the sleeping partner is that you do not ejaculate quickly as the transition does not happen according to you.

 Spooning: Romantic people can think of opting for spooning. It is one of the most comfortable sex positions ever created. To perform this, both partners need to lie down on the same side. Once in position, you will penetrate from behind while using your hands to stimulation. Touch her seductively and make her feel your love.

 Straight Sex: If you are booking escorts services in Kolkata, you should never forget about straight sex. Much like spooning, it is also one of the most romantic sex positions. As the name itself suggests, she sits in your lap while making sure her legs have wrapped your waist. This way, you two face each other. You can enjoy the position to the max by adding a romantic French kiss on the menu.