Laser Level Buying Guide

Laser Level Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Laser Level?

A laser level, which is a powerful tool in construction, can project light beams, or laser beams, as a straight and level point of reference. This tool is very helpful in a variety of applications that requires leveling and alignment. For instance, professionals can nail building projects like plumbing, setting floor layouts, or lighting planning. While homeowners can utilize laser levels for their home renovation, such as tiling or cabinet installment.  

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What Can You Do With A Laser Level?

Nowadays, laser levels have become more popular and more affordable in use for everyone. It’s not just a tool specialized for construction work, the best laser level for builders can help you do a lot of things. Let’s check out the list of where you can apply laser level below: 

Indoor applications

Hanging picture frames

Installing and planning plumbing layouts

Leveling floors 

Installing drop ceilings

Installing and aligning doors or windows

Aligning cabinets, cupboards or shelves

Outdoor applications

Surveying grounds or roads 

Aligning masonry

Contouring drainage

Aligning decks, fences

Planning construction site layout

+ Types of Laser Levels

There’re 3 main types of laser levels, which are categorized based on how they emit lights. Each of them works well for different kinds of applications.

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Spot Lasers

With spot laser level, it projects one or multiple small circles of laser light onto the desired surfaces, which gives users the exact angle for accurately aligning in horizontally or vertically. Besides, the dot lights can either be level, plumb, or square.

Line Lasers

Just like the name of it, a line laser level will project solid laser lines onto the surface that it’s pointed at. The laser lines can be projected simultaneously as cross-line, or independently in horizontal, and vertical for different purposes. While a standard laser projects laser beams at 180-degree (forward projection), some models can project a beam of 360-degree surrounding itself. For example, the forward projection will provide users with a line on one wall; the latter can offer a range of references all over the room for a quicker layout. Furthermore, you can use this for installing cupboards and shelves, or planning room layouts. 

Rotary Lasers

Rotary laser levels give you 360-degree rotating laser beams. When being activated, one laser diode will spin rapidly to produce a continuous line on the surfaces so the laser beams will appear all over the room. The best things about this best laser level for builders are more accuracy and better working range than the other two. 

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+ Green Beams vs. Red Beams

Visibility is one of the most significant factors that users should pay attention to when it comes to buying a new laser level. There are 2 colors of laser lights available in the laser tool these days: red and green. While red lasers are more common in the best laser level for builders, green lights have higher visibility because they are up to 4 times brighter than red beams. As a result, green laser levels consume batteries more quickly and are also more expensive than red laser levels. What you need to do is to think of your needs and requirements, then get the one that suits you the most.