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Made in Bangkok  Poster
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  • Res: 2100x3000
  • Nationality/Country:
  • Published by Lee
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    Made in Bangkok ()

    • AKA:
    • IMDB Rating: 5.6
    • Genres: , ,
    • Country: , ,
    • Release: 2015-03-09
    • Director: Flavio Florencio
    • Writers: Flavio Florencio
    • Stars: Noa Herrera , Morgana Love
    • Language: Spanish | English
    • Runtime: 75 min
    • Awards: N/A
    • Plot: Morgana is a transgender soprano with a relentless determination, to fight against social stigma and family prejudice to the attainment of a universal milestone, the self-assertion of herself as a human being with dignity socially recognized. To this end, he embarks on an odyssey with lights and shadows to try to build an identity persecuted throughout his life, an identity made in Bangkok.
    • IMDB:tt4273104