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Blood Brothers  Poster
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    Blood Brothers ()

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    • IMDB Rating: N/A
    • Genres:
    • Country:
    • Release: 2017-03-21
    • Director: Daniel Bollag
    • Writers: Daniel Bollag , Yumiko Bollag
    • Stars: Edward Asner , Emily Foxler , Craig muMs Grant , Aaron Refvem
    • Language: English
    • Runtime: 80 min
    • Awards: N/A
    • Plot: The children grow up to become adult versions of themselves. The dynamic stays the same, and the mythology of the prologue residues on the entire story. The evil brother, Mark, is a ruthless businessman whose world of deceit and corruption is on the brink of collapse, and he will fight for it till the end, exposing the most sinister sides of his personality. Richard is the good brother, who, despite his benevolence, is a lost soul. He is an artist and a wanderer, a poet and a lover. Truly, no words can adequately praise John Togo's performance as both brothers. He is simply breathtaking in every single frame he's in, and thank God, he's in almost every one. Not only is he wholesomely convincing as both characters, but he goes above and beyond that. He becomes two people so seamlessly that, not for a single moment was there a doubt in my mind as to who I was watching at any given scene. It's an award-worthy performance, and Togo becomes a leading man of such cinematic proportion, that he makes the film completely irresistible, despite its psychological labyrinth and attention-demanding plot, one that will challenge you to question reality as you can't take your eyes off screen. Of course, there are many other things besides Togo that you can't take your eyes off.
    • IMDB:tt6293556