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Impossible  Poster
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    Impossible ()

    • AKA: ,
    • IMDB Rating: 4.3
    • Genres:
    • Country:
    • Release:
    • Director: Zhou Sun
    • Writers: Zhou Sun
    • Stars: Chengpeng Dong , He Shen , Baoqiang Wang
    • Language: Chinese
    • Runtime: 94 min
    • Awards: N/A
    • Plot: Memeda,a "human detector" from outer space happens to meet a depressed man(Tang,Liguo)who just lost his daughter in a car accident. After delving into Liguo's heart, Memeda decides to follow this poor man and studies him inside out,however,it eventually gets itself into the complicated "human world". As a powerful careerist, Wu yiran shows no mercy to anyone: he successfully squeezes Liguo and his partner Ruoshui's company out of business, nevertheless, he wants to use Memeda's superpower and makes him the emperor of mankind!......
    • IMDB:tt5118106